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Portsmouth West High School Reviews

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This school is the typical high school. There is a lot of focus on those students who excel athletically and those who are involved in the more important clubs. With the amount of involvement opportunities sometimes being slim, the lack of focus on certain students seems to fall short.
My overall experience is pretty good.
However would like to see more support over other sports not just football. Would like to see the administration actually hire coaching staff for the actual sport. As in soccer.
I feel that kids interests are not just based on football.
More opportunities for kids to explore the post secondary education to better prepare kids for college life.
I moved to West my junior year. The music department is absolutely incredible and the guidance office is very easy to work with. As someone with an IEP, I found that they were more willing to help with accommodations and planning as well as less condescending than my other school had been.
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Great Surroundings, and people, a couple teachers need some work, but overall great place. Sports are a big part of the school, as well as clubs.
Portsmouth West Hish School was a wonderful school district. Due to their abundance of Advanced Placement courses, College Prep courses, and extremely caring teachers, I felt truly prepared for college; when I graduated. One thing about Portsmouth West is it's not only a school, but also a community. Students bond through many different sports; parents are encouraged to get involved with sports and academics; and with wonderful clubs - such as Key Club, Beta, and Thespian Troupe #5739 - our school volunteers, and gives back to our community.
We have regular Lock Down drills to ensure student safety throughout the school year. I feel very safe at school and feel the faculty and students generally care about the safety of each other.
My favorite Extracurricular activity is our school's Key Club! A National organization ran through the Kawani's Club. I am my school's secretary. We do a lot in our community with the other schools in our area.
My favorite things about my school are mostly because we are such a small school and community, only having 400 kids in our entire school, we are very close! Everyone gets along, there doesn't feel like there is an age difference between grades because we are all friends. I think that's what makes us so great with our sports and our academics, because we are driven through each other we feed off of that and strive to make ourselves and each other the best we can be.
All of the teachers are very friendly and engage with student activity and are highly knowledgeable. The classroom settings are somewhat taugh through the teacher but with my AP classes it is mostly student driven with all of us working together to accomplish our goals.
We are academically acceptable but it would be better if we were in the top 10%.
There are a lot of activities but we could always use more so that everyone can find something that fits them.
It seems that sometimes the administration has a set policy and does not take into account that each circumstance may require a different policy.
We have some of the best coaches around.
Depends on the teacher. There are a few that go above and beyond.
Beta Club is the most committed of all the clubs, but there are a handful of different organizations that students are able to join.
Our football team is extremely talented, most of the town attends the football games, and if the students are not a player on one of the teams performing or a member of the band they will be in the student section cheering.
There are a handful of teachers that will do anything in their power to help their students learn and be motivated to learn.
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The principals have favorites, the dress code is extremely over the top, but for the most part the teachers genuinely care about all of their students.
Bullying is pretty bad at my school. The principle would rather just worry about phone use than actually caring about if someone is being bullied or not. Also, there isn't much security at our school. Just a few cameras and thy keep the doors locked.
It's awful. The food is nasty and over priced. Also, they barely give us enough to make us full.
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