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Portsmouth Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I am currently a senior in high school here at Portsmouth and have gone here my whole entire life. I grew up this school and this where I have accomplished many goals in my life and met the greatest of friends.
My graduating class was treated so poorly at Portsmouth. We had a few very rebellious kids who ruined it for everyone. Now I see they have amazing programs and opportunities that they would have never offered my class. I was held back because of 3-5 "bad kids". They are completely biased and unfair and I should've moved when I had the chance.
The school lacks with many things, but it isn't a terrible place to be. I still can't wait to leave though.
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The academics are amazing at PHS.
PHS offer multiple extracurricular activities.
The parents at PHS are involved somewhat in students education.
Teacher at PHS are really good at doing their job. They know what they are doing most of the time. Some have been known to try to connect with students more than others. Overall the teachers are amazing at teaching the lesson in a manner that all of the students are able to understand.
There are many extracurricular activities available to the students. Clubs such as Key Club, art club, and pep club are all offered here. Key Club is a very popular one with the students. Also offered here is a debate team and a quiz bowl team. Both of these after-school activities are popular.
My overall experiencce at this school is great. I have many friends who share some of the same passions as me. One of my favorite experiences at this school is being a part of the volleyball team. We are a very talented group, and came in second in our league this past year. The girls on my team are very kind to each other, as if we are a family. It is a great experience to be a part of.
The teachers at this school are very respectable and concerned about every students' education. They work hard to teach the students what they need to know are they prepare them for state tests. Every teacher has their different style of grading, but they all stay very consistent in their own particular ways. They are experts in their subject and they do well at passing forth their knowledge to the students. They care about their students and do their best to help those who struggle.
I played sports and they gave me some of the best experiences of my life. You learn so much and can apply it to life.
My parents went to this school and I respect them. Not only is this just a great school but it's apart of the community. Portsmouth has a rich heritage and history.
I was blessed to have the teachers I had in high school. A memorable experience for sure!
We have never had an incident at PHS beyond a kid showing up high or sipping vodka from a water bottle under their desk. These were isolated incidents and not indicative of any pattern at PHS. We enjoy a safe, controlled environment without it being oppressive. Visitors are required to sign in, all doors are locked throughout the day, there is an officer who patrols the halls, but leisurely enough and without incident. There are cameras, but you would never notice them. That's probably a good thing that we forget they are there...
I am the President of the Art club, so I may be a little biased, but this year has been especially great for us. Our first few meetings are always packed to the rafters, but usually the numbers dwindle. This year we have maintained thirty members, and our art gallery contained over 200 pieces from the six different art periods of the school. That's not counting the decorations the Art Club made for the gallery's theme: Made With Magic.

We made a giant top hat and wand, with scarves tied together winding around the easels of the AP art student paintings. There were dozens of plaster and clay sculptures, self-portraits, pastel pieces, and cake. It was a good one to go out on, if I do say so myself. I might pop back into town to see next year's.
I live in Southern Ohio. It's not the most progressive place, and frankly, as far many people are concerned the world beyond the river valley might as well not exist. In Scioto county, most kids are expected to take up a trade like carpentry or follow in one of their parents' footsteps. In Portsmouth, however, we have Shawnee State University and SOMC. Through our beautiful hospital and university, we have been inspired at Portsmouth High School to pursue more than what the rest of the schools in the county do.

At other schools, they want to get you a diploma and do not expect you to be that great of a reader or to go on to college. In my graduating class, an overwhelming majority is going to college, many with the ambition to become doctors (the hospital has been very influential). Inspired by my French teacher, I want to work for the UN one day as an interpreter. None of us would have such lofty ambitions if not for our teachers telling us every step of the way that there was a world beyond Scioto county, with much more than one little university and a shiny new hospital.
The teachers at my school care about their students. I have never doubted that, even as a freshman when I was so afraid of making bad impressions. I was a shy kid. But my teachers helped me. Classroom debates are a penchant of history and English classes at my school. We don't lecture here. We listen and discuss. In math classes, the teachers have sympathetic ears. Our Art and music teachers do a lot with what little they are given.
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We have brand new facilities but not enough support staff to keep them top notch. We have great athletes in our school and for the most part great coaches. The athletic department as a whole seems unorganized but we have a great student cheer block.
There a several teachers that go above & beyond what is required of them. I feel the state interferes to much and the administration to little. Unions play to big a role in accountability.
There is always room for improvement in all levels of administration. Our guidance counselors are top notch and keep the parents/students very well informed.
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