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It is a great school with caring teachers. I've seen the safety of the school greatly improve and growing support for athletics. I would like to see support for the arts grow more.
Portsmouth High School is a school that offers many great. Opportunities for students. I participated as class president for all my years while tackling challenging class, the varsity track team, and 2 other clubs. There is a lot to offer it is just what you involve yourself in.
Many of the teachers are extremely well qualified and as long as you put in the effort, you'll do well and be ready for college.
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Portsmouth is a great school overall, however it is very frustrating that several of the restrooms have been locked off due to student vaping. It is unfortunate that all students are being punished due to the behavior of a few students who choose not to follow the rules.
Portsmouth High School is filled with faculty members and teachers that truly care about the students. Each child is given an opportunity to reach their fullest potentials. The teachers have a strong curriculum they follow and make sure that every child succeeds. As a senior, I’ve seen what this school has offered each student, and I’m proud to be a student at PHS. One thing I would truly like to see change, is that just as much money and attention goes to the arts program as sports. As a lover of the arts (theater and drawing) I see how our theater is falling apart and we are scraping the bottles of paint at the end of the year.
The people are very pretentious and not welcoming at all. I try to be friends with many people but they just do not want to be. People are rude and obnoxious and do not care about other people. The teachers and the school in general is great and really prepares me for college and the real world. However, it is hard to want to go to school when everyone judges you and/or makes fun of you.
Portsmouth high school is made uo of a great community of teachers eho are very passionate and dedicated to what they do. Overal you education experience here will be very good. Although the administration side on how PHS handles issues needs some work. Overal a good community though.
My experience at Portsmouth High School had its ups and downs. I never faced bullying during my time, but I did face a lot of stress. Our academic programs are rigorous, and the teachers are subpar when catering to the specific learning needs of children - making it difficult to absorb plentiful information in an honors course. School spirit has definitely gone down over the years, so I would love to see that come back. The student council isn't one to boost spirit but rather boost their resume. We have a ton of activities throughout the year that garnishes student participation, so I do always enjoy those. However the student population is very white, there isn't much diversity amongst them.
Portsmouth High School is rated one of the best high schools in the state, and for good reason. The teachers know what they're doing and are for the most part kind and respectful of the students. Administration care about the students in their school and it is a very safe environment. My only qualm is that the rules change almost from year to year, mostly regarding phone policies and other minor not education-related instances. Overall, my almost 4 years at the school have been pleasant, and I'm glad I was able to experience high school in the Portsmouth district.
it offered what I needed in a learning environment, and I could adjust my situation based on what I needed. I was free to pursue my own interests to the farthest I wanted, but I also didn't feel like I was confined to one thing, and I could explore other areas of interest if I wanted to. All the administration and teachers were never there to hold you back or discourage you, and were very supportive and understanding.
I loved the small community feel, and the focus on academics. Yet the food and the diversity is terrible.
I admire that Portsmouth has very knowledgeable educators that are interested in teaching and are passionate about helping kids learn.
I enjoyed attending Portsmouth High School. I felt well prepared to go to college when I graduated and I had the opportunity to participate in a lot of after school activities, like sports, choir, and theatre.
The majority of the teachers at PHS are very good. They try to put the students first and are there to help them. Many are involved in more than just the classes they teach, allowing them to get closer to the students. The high school also has many different sports and clubs, allowing students to find a group with similar interests. Although the academics are well taught, our classes are either a regular level or AP. Students sometimes find themselves in the middle, looking for an honors class that is not provided. This can create a range of ability in a class, making it difficult to teach. Most teachers make the most of it and do their best.
School is neat and clean. Teachers are always willing to stay afterschool for extra help and many of them attend afterschool events in support of our school.
We are getting updated computers this coming year which is very exciting.
There was no other school I would have rather attended. While I believe there are some areas of improvement, PHS excels in many areas. The majority of my teachers have been amazing which I believe has made the difference. As a member of the girls varsity soccer team that won the D1 State championship twice in my career, I couldn't endorse another sports program any more highly.
I had an overall good experience at Portsmouth High School. There are many very good teachers and lots of different after school activities. There are many teachers within each department and each of them offers something unique. PHS also offers a wide variety of classes, and many AP level courses. However, over the past few years they have been decreasing the number of honors level classes that are available. Most of the focus in on sports, particularly football and basketball and the teams are very successful.
The guidance department isn't very much help unless you go out of your way to ask for it. The college prep for seniors is very minimal unless you make a lot of appointments with your guidance counselor.
Also, there is an overall lack of communication from the administration. There was often a lot of confusion due to the fact that administrators would not communicate certain things with faculty or students
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My high school offered every academic opportunity to prepare me for my chosen field. Freshman year I began with an introductory elective in Architecture and Interior Design. Next I took beginning and Advanced CAD finishing up Senior Year with electives in Architecture and Engineering Design. I'm so happy to say I'll be attending the RWU School of Architecture with a minor in Music Performance!
I am currently attending this school, and it is spectacular. Droves of specialized classes are offered, as well as challenging and well structured AP classes. The culture here is friendly and kind, with almost zero fights between students and no physical bullying for the most part. The students are all dedicated and kind, the staff helpful, engaging and encouraging. The food is not the slop you might find at other schools, but something that is healthy and tasty (something to behold for a public school). It is well kept with modern facilities and access to all to computers and software relevant to education. I would wholeheartedly recommend this public school to anyone as the quality of education here rivals many private institutions. This school is easily a five star.
Great school, good place to raise a family. One of the top highest academic High Schools in Rhode Island.
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