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for new kids, especially military kids, the school did not to a good job at integrating them into the school and even the school system.
Portsmouth High School has something for everyone. There are multiple ways to pursue anything you're interested in.
Portsmouth High school was quite the change whenever I moved here from New Mexico. They pushed towards college readiness very heavily and have been helping me to succeed and be as successful as I can throughout my high school career and further
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This school is definitely a good school to get ready for college in. However the school has many flaws, with mean teachers and a harsh administration that doesn't always listen to the students.
The teachers at the school barely prepare you for college. The administration is is not the best by far. The administration gives out punishments not suitable for what has been done. The food is the same everyday and tastes like crap. The bathrooms are all old and broken. The teachers/administrators lock half of the bathrooms in the school so students have to search for an open one and always get in trouble for being out of class to long.
I enjoy the different clubs and activities offered at the school. The faculty and staff are nice and supportive. They are always there to help. Overall I have had a positive thriving experience at PHS.
I am in my third year at Portsmouth High School and I am very grateful to attend such a wonderful public high school. As far as honors and AP classes go the teachers are absolutely wonderful. They make lessons engaging and for the most part care so so much about their students. They are always after school if you need extra help or just want to talk. The clubs are also wonderful and there are an abundance of opportunities as well. I believe the special ed department is very good as well. When it comes to diversity the school is really lacking, considering students are from a relatively white and middle to upper middle class town. It is like a typical high school in terms of the social scene but the majority of students are very friendly and inclusive.
If your child doesn’t already smoke weed before going here, they will by graduation. Amazing school spirit for a relatively small school, though.
The high school is good pretty average by far. Most teachers are nice and are willing to help you if you ask, there is a pretty good AP program the prepares you well for the test. A lot of the kids care about school spirit and are sports oriented. Overall a nice school that is pretty welcoming and a good place.
It is a great school with caring teachers. I've seen the safety of the school greatly improve and growing support for athletics. I would like to see support for the arts grow more.
Portsmouth High School is a school that offers many great. Opportunities for students. I participated as class president for all my years while tackling challenging class, the varsity track team, and 2 other clubs. There is a lot to offer it is just what you involve yourself in.
Many of the teachers are extremely well qualified and as long as you put in the effort, you'll do well and be ready for college.
Portsmouth is a great school overall, however it is very frustrating that several of the restrooms have been locked off due to student vaping. It is unfortunate that all students are being punished due to the behavior of a few students who choose not to follow the rules.
Portsmouth High School is filled with faculty members and teachers that truly care about the students. Each child is given an opportunity to reach their fullest potentials. The teachers have a strong curriculum they follow and make sure that every child succeeds. As a senior, I’ve seen what this school has offered each student, and I’m proud to be a student at PHS. One thing I would truly like to see change, is that just as much money and attention goes to the arts program as sports. As a lover of the arts (theater and drawing) I see how our theater is falling apart and we are scraping the bottles of paint at the end of the year.
The people are very pretentious and not welcoming at all. I try to be friends with many people but they just do not want to be. People are rude and obnoxious and do not care about other people. The teachers and the school in general is great and really prepares me for college and the real world. However, it is hard to want to go to school when everyone judges you and/or makes fun of you.
Portsmouth high school is made uo of a great community of teachers eho are very passionate and dedicated to what they do. Overal you education experience here will be very good. Although the administration side on how PHS handles issues needs some work. Overal a good community though.
My experience at Portsmouth High School had its ups and downs. I never faced bullying during my time, but I did face a lot of stress. Our academic programs are rigorous, and the teachers are subpar when catering to the specific learning needs of children - making it difficult to absorb plentiful information in an honors course. School spirit has definitely gone down over the years, so I would love to see that come back. The student council isn't one to boost spirit but rather boost their resume. We have a ton of activities throughout the year that garnishes student participation, so I do always enjoy those. However the student population is very white, there isn't much diversity amongst them.
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Portsmouth High School is rated one of the best high schools in the state, and for good reason. The teachers know what they're doing and are for the most part kind and respectful of the students. Administration care about the students in their school and it is a very safe environment. My only qualm is that the rules change almost from year to year, mostly regarding phone policies and other minor not education-related instances. Overall, my almost 4 years at the school have been pleasant, and I'm glad I was able to experience high school in the Portsmouth district.
it offered what I needed in a learning environment, and I could adjust my situation based on what I needed. I was free to pursue my own interests to the farthest I wanted, but I also didn't feel like I was confined to one thing, and I could explore other areas of interest if I wanted to. All the administration and teachers were never there to hold you back or discourage you, and were very supportive and understanding.
I loved the small community feel, and the focus on academics. Yet the food and the diversity is terrible.
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