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Portsmouth Highschool was a great experience and has very high standards compared to other public high schools around the country. The school could be more in-tune with what colleges are looking for with incoming students and how the high school can better prepare them for the strenuous life style of a college student.
Portsmouth High had opportunities for everyone! There were always tons of events and other great opportunities to get involved in our Portsmouth community.
Portsmouth High School is filled with high academic achieving students, hard working jocks, and lots of school spirit. Every teacher at PHS is there to cheer you on and support your academic and athletic career. While I do think the guidance department could do a better job guiding their senior students onto their college path, overall the members of the guidance department are friendly and ready to help who ever is in need. The sports teams are excellent at PHS, our goal is a state championship and nothing will stop us from working our hardest to succeed. Overall I have had an unforgettable high school experience at PHS and am sad to be graduating this spring.
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An amazing school with great opportunities for every type of student. There is something for everyone to get involved in and learn from. There are so many different types of classes available including AP, honors, and dual enrollment. Clubs for all interests and skills along with athletics for all abilities.
Great programs and and overall good teachers. The administration could use improvement especially when it comes to the principal.
Great atmosphere with tons of friendly students and staff!! I came in as a new student and instantly felt welcomed and a part of the family. As a freshman I joined a variety of clubs and activities so I made friends very quickly. For anyone nervous about entering Portsmouth High School, don't be! For a public school it is fantastic and most of the teachers have a real passion for helping students. Although I'm sure you could getter a better education at some private school, not many schools can match Portsmouth camaraderie.
For area public high schools, Portsmouth and Exeter have the best reputations. Portsmouth is a great school and is in a great community. In addition to Portsmouth, it services the towns of Rye, New Castle, Greenland, and Newington, so there is a decent mix of socio-economic backgrounds. As with any school, it is what you make of it. Most students can find their niche here.
Portsmouth High School has a great, accepting atmosphere. Great teachers, too... especially the art and drama department.
Low rate of diversity but most of the people are friendly. I'll give thumbs up to the teachers that really care and helpful with students. Definitely had so many great memories with ups and downs for someone like me who moved from another country.
Most teachers are great. Wonderful extracurriculars but a modest selection of AP classes. Not too many ratchets.
Portsmouth High School is a wonderful school to make kind friends and connect with supportive teachers. The only downside is that there is not much diversity, and the students all don’t get into sporting events.
Portsmouth High School is a school that brings approximately four towns together. I have met so many people throughout my four years with the help of new classes, and new experiences like high school athletics. The teachers and staff always give you the option of extra help if needed and help so much through the entire college application process. I have had to take required classes, but doing so taught me what I liked and disliked in subjects and certain areas. But I have also had the privilege of taking electives that interest me like art and computer classes outside of the requirements. My experience at Portsmouth high school was my only high school option but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Great teachers who care about the progress of their students. The athletics at the school are very competitive as are the arts they offer. There are technical trades that are also offered such as welding.
Great school aesthetically. Wealthy kids in the school. Very politically biased. Pretty good education, but haven't learned much I could actually apply to my real life when I get out of school. There's very little diversity, but they are very welcoming. They also don't really help kids get involved in after school programs or clubs. They make it difficult to get involved.
I love everything about the school. The teachers are great and willing to work with students, and there are a lot of options for classes. The only negative I have is the mindset of a large part of the student body. Portamouth and surrounding towns are for the most part "rich" towns, and a lot of students like to show off their money or think they are entitled because of it.
The students don't say hello to each other in hallways but groups of friends often mix. There is little diversity.
I love my school and the classes I take. I can make my own schedule with levels of classes that fit my lifestyle.
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I feel very safe at school. Nothing bad really happens and when it does we are prepared.
There are so many clubs available that meet at lunch so you cans till do sports. So many teams. The band is amazing and the theater program is as well.
Parents make up a large part of the cheering sections at all school events and are interested in the well being of the student body.
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