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I have one grad and one student attending PCS. As each child is different, each has experienced a different takeaway from PCS. My grad is goal oriented, but wasn't especially challenged, i.e., a bit lazy, but did take the advanced classes, yet only scored a 1200 on the SAT and 27, I think on the ACT. The plus side is that this resulted in a scholarship that is paying 60% of his college tuition, thus freeing up assets to plan ahead for medical school.
Portsmouth Christian School treats you like family. They have excellent and experienced teachers who truly love their students. The culture is very strong academically and spiritually.
PCS truly is a family. This Christian school is big enough to offer all the extras (sports, music, art, band, etc.) without losing the small school feel. I'm a proud alumna who attended Kindergarten - 12th grade. I had a great experience for all 13 years, and still maintain close relationships with my teachers today! Look forward to sending my future children here, so they can receive a quality, affordable, Biblically-based education - just like me!
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I have been attending Portsmouth Christian school for 14 years. Throughout my 14 years years here I have seen the growth and improvement of this institute. There has been an increase of diversity slowly over the years though it remains predominantly white. Academics have vastly improved and very good for college preparement.
My children have attended Portsmouth Christian for two years, and their experience has been very positive. The teachers and administrators genuinely care for the students, and I feel that my children are getting a solid Christian education. The school has increased its security in recent months, and my children feel safe at PCS. This is very important to me considering all that’s going on in the world right now. The school also offers great extra-curricular activities and ways to serve the community. We love PCS!
Portsmouth Christian School is a GREAT school for all ages from K3 through 12th grade. The teachers are all loving and knowledgeable in their subjects. PCS has been a great school for all of my children.
Disciplinary problems. spend to much time worrying about things that don't matter over things that actually do. Poor sports program. Not very many clubs.
I have been attending Portsmouth Christian since sixth grade. Overall my experience with this school has been very positive, my teachers and fellow peers create a fun and positive environment which makes school more exciting. Portsmouth Christian School offers a variety of challenging courses includiding honors programs, AP, and duel-enrollment. I am currently taking honors physics, AP calculus, dual enrollment English, Spanish 3, and government. The only area that I feel needs improvement is with their technological resources. Portsnouth Christian offers a great education with outstanding teachers.
The teachers are very quick to answer email concerns.
The school nurse is so accomodating, calling me and helping my daughter to feel better when she is ill.
My daughter was a cheerleader for two years. She loved the group and the teachers. We travelled to many games and had a great time.
Portsmouth Christian School filled a need for our daughter going into middle school. The public school she is zoned for was horrible. The test scores were very low at the public middle school and the high school had the 2nd worst drop out rate in the state. She has really done so well in private school, we are pleased with this choice.
This school does not offer any clubs or organizations at a high school level.
Only a few teachers have an interest in their students. The consistency in grading is good, but the overall quality of teachers is not. Teachers are more concerned with what's going on in the students personal lives than they are their education.
Bullying is not allowed. Police are occasionally called in to perform search as a safety precaution. There is not really a school nurse there at all times students usually just call their parents.
not much technology,poor curb appeal, does not have a baseball/ softball field, no tennis courts, still uses trailers, has good parent involovment
there are not security guards or police but teachers are always on the look out
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sometimes the administration isn't very strict and our guidance counselor is not very helpful
soccer teams, tennis teams, a football team, volleyball team, cross country team, cheer leading team, girls and boys basket ball teams, an art club, praise team, drama team, prom committee, home coming committee,
It is a short application
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