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Portsmouth Christian Academy is a private Christain school in Dover, NH. It is a relatively small school that goes from pre-school through 12th grade. The education through every grade is exceptional, and the teachers are always supportive of the students and willing to help after class if someone does not understand the material. If there was something I would want to change it would be the required Bible classes. The Bible classes are just as high quality in education as the other classes, but since there is a required chapel every other day, it would be better for the students if they could take a different class more geared towards their future college plans if they do not want.
Honestly, I feel prepared for college. There is a negative mindset present due to tired, overworked kids. The homework load is crushing, but some students who don't over commit can manage. There are some many fun extracurriculars at PCA, but it can be hard to find the time for everything. Many of the teachers have been at PCA for a long time and are very passionate about their subjects. Overall, I feel I have been well educated at PCA despite its faults.
Sending our son to this school was the best choice we have ever made as parents. He is a sophomore now and has been attending PCA since 7th grade. His whole class is an extremely tight knit group which has been an amazing experience for him. The academics are quite challenging but there is ALWAYS someone noticing if a student is struggling or could use a little help. The teachers are wonderfuL at the upper and lower schools. Our family likes to be involved and there is so much opportunity for us to be a part of it all. There is ALWAYS something fun happening at the school. Plays. Concerts. Excellent sports!!!! My son is at this school from 7:30 in the am sometimes until 8 at night (sports etc) and he LOVES it. It’s a home away from home for him. I’ve never once heard him complain about anything related to the school. I’m already sad we only have two years left!!!!
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Portsmouth is a very good school and the teachers are so nice! If you are interested in acting, singing, playing an instrument, or if you’re athletic, this is the school for you! The teachers are amazing and are very knowledgeable about what they’re teaching. Some of them even have their PhD’s! I’m so glad that I’m going to this school and I can’t wait to graduate here and pursue my great future thanks to PCA! They’ve taught me so many new things I didn’t even know was possible and the administration will know all of you by name which is really nice because it makes me feel like I’m known and people care. Here, they really do care about you and how your doing no matter what grade you have in their class nor if you’re a good or bad student. I hope you choose PCA!
I love being at PCA, even though a lot of times the rules and dress code seem really cumbersome but it's not that bad after you're used to it. The teachers all want what's best for you and are always there when you need help. You end up making lifelong friends who are kind and loving. It is a school that you will end up really missing when you're gone. Classes are more advanced but are all achievable. The only thing is the variety of sports we have, but there are lots of clubs around.
Safe, friendly and loving! This school has changed our lives. Education takes more than just great teachers (which PCA has), it takes community and a culture. PCA is just that, a community that has a culture of learning, teaching and giving. I am in awe regularly with how lucky we are to have found this school. I know that it is the best money I could ever spend in my life, ensuring a better future for my children.
Enrolling our twins at PCA has been the best decision. They have both achieved so much academically and spiritually. It’s a wonderful school family too.
PCA is so warm and inviting. Every time I walk in I am greeted with a friendly face. We are new this year, and I am amazed at how quickly people started to know us by name. Our girls have adjusted so well to this new environment, and that is a true testimony to how their teachers have helped them with the process. PCA stood out to us as the best Christian school in the area because of their commitment to teaching Christian values and academic excellence.
This is our 4th year at PCA. Like most parents, having a good education for my son was important to me. As a single mom, I wanted my son to go to a school where the environment is nurturing and encouraging. I found this at PCA. The teachers love their students and take such pride in them. The staff takes the time to figure out what each students strengths and weaknesses are and build on both in a positive way. PCA’s academics are amazing. My son was in 4th grade and taking 5th grade math. He is advanced in reading, so he goes to a special class once a week to build upon this skill. He’s not the greatest at time management and his teachers helped him build on this and become more successful on finishing projects on time. No school is perfect PCA included. The academics are outstanding here, they'll prepare your child for whatever they chose to do after school. And the environment is remarkable. I would recommend to anyone to send their child to PCA.
Academics are strong and I was well prepared for college, especially in English. My teachers were both passionate about their subject matter and about their students on an academic and personal level. I enjoyed playing on three sports teams and participating in other extracurriculars too.
My favorite things about PCA are the learning differentiation and the character-building. Being smart is a cool thing at PCA, and the school supports and challenges those kids who need extra academic challenge to keep them engaged, interested and always stretching to maximize their potential. Likewise, kids who need supports (whether it's for math, reading, occupational therapies, speech, dyslexia, sensory processing) can get them at PCA. They have an in-house group of dedicated resource personnel and a dean who oversees that part of the program.

We also love the character-building that's built in every facet of the program--in the classroom, on the baseball field, in the enrichments. Students are held to a high standard, and are regularly engaged in introspective assessment to check that their words and actions are in alignment with the core values of the school.
The decision to send our children (elementary school & high school) to PCA was the best decision we ever made! Our family has been a part of the PCA community for 5 years now. We are incredibly happy with every aspect of the school--a Christ-centered environment, challenging academics, a wide variety of extra-curricular activities for all grades, a healthy social environment, and compassionate teachers & administrators who are highly qualified and act as exemplary role models.
My son has been attending PCA since preschool and he's now a thriving junior high student. The teachers have nurtured him in his areas of strength as well as challenge, providing a loving learning environment for him to grow. School faculty and staff have come alongside us as a family as we seek to raise a loving Christian boy ready to grow in all ways.
Located on a beautiful waterfront property, Portsmouth Christian Academy is one of the best Christian schools in New England. The teachers care just as much about their students succeeding personally and spiritually as they do academically. Experiencing my education at Portsmouth Christian has built a strong foundation for my future and it's been a privilege to go there.
My experience with Portsmouth Christian Academy has been overwhelmingly positive over the course of the many years I have been a student here. The faculty are extremely passionate in their fields, and truly long for their students to feel that same passion and to grow, learn, and better understand the subjects. I definitely feel that PCA has helped to adequately prepare me for college, and that my organizational and time management skills have thrived as a result of my education here.
My family came here 8 years ago because of the strong fine arts program - a place where the arts are central to the curriculum because the school recognizes we are all made in the image of a creative God. Now I have the privilege of leading the department as fine arts director. It's a great school.
I enjoyed my time at PCA. I went there for all of high school and received a wonderful education. That being said, I wish the school would offer more in the way of life skills education. My friends who attended public school learned how to fill out a check, how to start a business, how to cook basic meals, etc. While I could name all of the presidents and spoke decent French after graduating, I envied my friends who were more prepared for the real world. PCA is a college preparatory school, but if you don't end up going to college (which many of my friends didn't due to the price,) your education won't benefit you as much as it could. As far as college prep does go, PCA did a wonderful job preparing me for the caliber of work I was expected to produce at a university. Students are held to a high intellectual standard, and hard workers will benefit. But that being said, less expensive schools in the area offer a wider variety of classes, extracurriculars, resources, etc.
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PCA has prepared me well for college and life after high school. The only complaint I have is the sexism caused by the dress code. Other than this I have met many amazing people at this school and the staff and teachers have molded me to be a strong independent person.
PCA has excellent academics and dedicated teachers. They offer less classes than most public schools, but the classes they offer prepare students well for college. They hold to strict rules- bad idea for anyone who isn't fully dedicated to the school's religion. MANY foreign exchange students.
For the size, the academics are superb. Considering they don't have the student base of most schools or the insane tuition of other private schools, they provide a quality education.
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