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The academics were rigorous, but there was such a cooperative spirit and sense of community - it made my time as a student fly by and really prepared me for college.
Portsmouth Abbey provides an excellent liberal arts education while providing an incredible experience in many ways, however, its uptight administration, restrictive code of conduct, and poor offering of clubs and activities limit it as an institution.
It was lit
Tuckdances were lit
Sports were lit
Friends are lit
Some teachers are lit
But the headmaster should retire
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went to the abbey its a hard but good school. people are nice- teachers are very nice but demand a lot of focus
I studied in Portsmouth Abbey for a couple of weeks. Rhode island is a wonderful state to study. By far, Portsmouth Abbey has the nicest campus I have ever seen in my life! The education is rigorous and supportive, but you have to seek help if you want to. The schooling system is very great but a student must be independent to actually be successful. The staff is excellent, very understanding and fun. Something I would like to see that PAS changes is the food. It is very unhealthy, for a growing student we should have more organic options. other than that, I would likely send my children to this school because it is awesome!
Great place, great academics and athletics, even greater people. I cannot express how incredibly thankful I am for my four years at the Abbey. My teachers, houseparents, and coaches have been so supportive of me throughout my entire time and I have made some of the best friends of my life. The Abbey is more than just a school, it's a home.
Portsmouth Abbey has been a phenomenal experience for me. It has shaped the person that I am today. The campus culture is extremely supportive and everyone is welcome. Whenever there is a sports game, everyone comes out to support.
At the Abbey, teachers are extremely easy to talk to. So far, my favorite classes have been Humanities and AP US History. Classes revolve around discussions and primary source materials rather than textbooks. My critical thinking skills have developed extremely well.
I have enjoyed my time at Portsmouth Abbey and would recommend it to all.
Coming to Portmouth Abbey was a live changing experience for me. These past four years I've grown into an individual and into someone who can do his own laundry. As a sixth former I can confidently say I'm ready to become a college student but at the same time leaving in the spring hasn't hit me yet. I'm sad to see it come to an end but the friends and relationships I've made will last.
I really love the Abbey. It's such a unique experience and everyone you meet is so kind and caring. The teachers genuinely love to teach, which is clearly shown in their willingness to help you outside of class.
Portsmouth Abbey is a life changing experience. The small community on campus is one of a kind, and will very quickly turn into your family rather than peers and teachers. Every student is involved in some way, rarely does anyone feel left out. The classes and passionate teachers not only immensely prepare you for college, they shape you as a person. The notorious sophomore humanities program is an essential class in developing every student's higher learning capabilities, and is greater than or equal to in comparison to most college humanities courses. One couldn't ask for a better dorm environment, as you will build great long lasting friendships and the houseparents will actually feel like parents to you. The prefect system in the dorms works very well and students hold great honor in becoming a prefect.
This school has many aggressive students that attack people in sports events. Other than that, they have a beautiful campus.
I've only had one teacher that I truly did not like, but other than that the teachers are great. Always available to help whenever you need it.
Very diverse group of people; both ethnicity and personality wise.
There are many things to do if you really want to. You can sign up for a club and not go to it at all and still put that on your college application.
During the moment you complain and hate it a lot, but once you step off that stage at graduation, you realize how beneficial the Abbey is. The Abbey has helped me thrive in the few short weeks that I have been in college, and the people you meet will truly have a special place in your heart. I am extremely thankful that I chose the Abbey for my high school experience.
Teachers are always there to help; either during conference period or even during your own free time.
It was such a rewarding experience!
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Ravens Cup, and Clothe-A-Child, are competitive School events that are often spirited and everyone gets involved. However, for a school that endorses itself on diversity, I felt it lacked thereof. Also, it's often forgotten in the application process that this is a HIGHLY RELIGIOUS CATHOLIC SCHOOL, so if you love Jesus be ready for church more than twice a week, as well as fish Friday, every Friday. Aside from that, technology is constantly evolving here, the teachers work very hard to make sure their students succeed, and overall, everyone becomes like family. I am graduating with a feeling love, nostalgia, and gratification at the realization of how far I am willing to push myself to succeed. Wonderful school, I would recommend it to everyone.
The teachers are very intellectual, but sometimes class drags.
There are so many caring adults for my child...dorm parents are always available and keeping tabs on them, advisor stays with my child for the entire 4 years, nursing staff and physician available 24/7. Students just don't bully, and if there are any situations, the dorm parents and staff are right on top of it. Theyou do jot tolerate drugs or alcohol at all!
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