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Portola Middle School Reviews

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It shows that the teacher cares
It is very fun and educational.
The cafeteria is a good space in which it consist of 3 lines for food and like a place as big as a banquet hall to eat at. As for the menus they sometimes have pizza or hamburgers but mostly good healthy choice food.
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As for helpfulness there are a wide variety of help when it comes to homework and personal problems. If anything the only true problem is the dress code because some families dont have the moeny to pay for the uniforms so they have to find places that either give them loans or free uniform.
My experience at this school was ok. One of my favorite experiences was in 8th grade when we went to a field trip to knotts berry farm in honor of almost graduating. As we as in 7th grade when our principal would always put music in lunch and they would have dance offs and fun games. What makes this school very unique is the atmosphere it has in which everyone is welcoming when you come and dont make you the center of attention when you are new. As well as how everyone is always there for you when your in a ruff time. I would want to go back to school again here because its not only in the hometown i was born in but also because the teaching skills are one of a kind in a way that no other public school does. They push threw and make you go over what you ctually think your capable of.
There are lots of things the students were involved in such as art club, gardening club, dance commitee, ASB and avid. Which lots of students participated in and get the same amount of respect.
The teachers in this school have a good quality in learning aspects. Such as they teach you in a way that you not only learn from them but also learn from your teaching.
This school from the years I went to it is pretty safe in many ways. For example the security guards are always nice but also have fast reflexes in case of an emergency or a fight that comes on. As well as the nurse is very nice and follows all the health rules necessary to keep the nursing room clean. For example she always has everything disinfected as well as doesnt give any medication unless with the authority of the parents or paramedics.
the athletic atmoshpere consists of never giving up on what you believe you can do. For example in physical education even though you might be tall or short, chunky or skinny the coaches always motivate you in that you can always do what you dream of doing even if your figure says you cant.
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