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Portola Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I enjoyed the intimacy of the small school setting and was impressed with the amount of classes available. The teachers are dedicated to the students and the atmosphere feels supportive
In the years I have attended Portola High School, I have seen many improvements to your classrooms and buildings. For example, the school remodeled an old classroom. New floors, whiteboards, and desktops were installed. Classrooms got new desks, tables, whiteboards and chairs. The school also bought several sets of laptops for student use and new computers for the library. Portola High School is a close community where everyone knows each other and gets along. My experience at Portola High School has been very good and I will always appreciate the teachers and staff because they really care about their students well-being and safety.
Portola High had quite a bit to offer in terms of student-teacher relationships. There was always someone available to speak with and to guide students in the right direction.
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Many people love to do sports in this school it is very serious and fun.
The parents at this school are very supportive and nice.
The teachers at this school are wonderful and nice.
The staff make sure students are aware of possible dangers. they are also non tolerant whn it comes to bullying.
The teachers are mostly engaged. The curriculum is a bit slow. The scheduling process is easy but can sometimes be hard to understand which classes are the best course of action for the student/ know which classes are the best for the best results. the workload is usually easy. Not a wide variety of electives. Wish the library was open all week.
Most of the extracurricular activities are sports and music.
Overall the teachers apply themselves. The curriculum is a little slow and less flexable to advanced students, but this is mostly for low teacher count.
Most of the teachers are knowledgeable and engaging. They pu in time and effort to make sure all student can have the recources to reach for their goals. The downfall is lack of employment, mostly.
Bullying isn't a big issue although I have seen some fights at our high school. As far as feeling safe, I feel safe almost 100% of the time.
I hardly eat in the school cafeteria so it's hard for me to form an opinion about our food services.
Honestly, I feel like a lot of the school staff isn't necessarily invested in their students. Some teachers have missed more school than I have, and I'm supposed to be the one with "senioritis". There are a few diamonds in the rough at PHS. With the teacher to student ratio I am able to really connect with some of my teachers which is great.
Almost all the students at PHS participate in a school sport at some point or another. School spirit is considered pretty important at this school, and I think that's why so many kids participate.
There aren't many oppertunities to participate in extracurricular activities at our high school. The 4-H club of Portola was shut down just a few years ago and now anyone who wants to be in 4-H has to commute to Quincy, Loyalton, or Greenville.
I felt completely prepared for college
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the food doesnt vary much.
There isnt as much variety of sports as their is at big schools because we dont have the funds to support them.
The school is very into sports with lots of support from the students.
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