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Portledge is an absolutely wonderful school. The academics are strong and the social environment is even better. Academically, Portledge offers competitive programs like AP and IB. Although relatively new, the IB program is great, and really prepares the student for college-level studying and thinking. Socially, everyone finds their place at Portledge. It is a school that has something for everyone. The school is committed to students having a great education and experience. The most helpful aspect is the college counseling. All of the college counselors work tirelessly to help students get into their dream schools.
My daughter had developed a negative attitude toward school driven by her lack of confidence in her academic ability. She transferred to Portledge this year and she now loves school and her confidence has soared. The teachers are wonderful. They are encouraging and attentive to how each child learns.
Portledge offers a student to find themselves and excel. From academics, to sports, to the arts, Portledge has it all. Most importantly, the atmosphere and focusing on the student making the most of discovery and acceptance makes Portledge the perfect school no matter what your passion is, but also helps you discover your passion.
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My child transitioned this year to the lower school from another local private school and couldn’t be happier! The teachers are engaged, enthusiastic and caring and genuinely seem to enjoy what they are doing. My child is excited for each day and can’t wait to share what she’s learned at pick up in the afternoon. Teachers communicate what is going on in the classroom and frequently reach out with feedback on my child’s experiences at school. The headmaster seems to be beloved by faculty and parents and appears committed to growing the community with thoughtfulness and care. He is accessible and present in the community. This place is truly special! I highly recommend Portledge
Nice campus and helpful administration. However, the academics are not strong and student body is not diverse. Need to have wider recruiting of students and strong classes especially in STEM areas.
Portledge is an extraordinary school and community. Our daughter has attended for the past four years and it's been a rewarding and gratifying experience for the entire family. We couldn't be happier with the culture, values and curriculum.
I'm a new freshman here at Portledge, and I've never felt so accepted before. Everyone is nice and welcoming, and the atmosphere is great. Teachers are nice, food is really good, and the experience so far is good as well.
We absolutely love this school! Our daughter just finished her second year there and we could not be happier. She is starting second grade in the fall. I am amazed at how warm and nurturing the school is. They make learning fun in the most creative ways. The teachers and staff are top notch. I am continually amazed at what my daughter is learning. She actually shocks me sometimes with what she knows. She loves Portledge.
I have two children (twins) attending Portledge and in the 8th grade this year. Their needs and personalities are extremely different. One child is terribly shy and the other is highly social. The Portledge Faculty have inspired and individually challenged both of my children to excel within their academics all 9 years of attendance. They are in all advanced classes and continue to LOVE school, respect their teachers. The comradery of students in all of the grades is amazing.

Boarding school was our initial plan after 8th grade. However, due to the success we have experienced and the academic program Portledge offers (International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement) we will continue with their education through 12th grade.

Our experience has been nothing less then EXCEPTIONAL and can not imagine our children attending any where else.
I cannot say enough positive things about Portledge. The teachers are world-class and truley care about each and every student. The academics are challenging and really serve to prepare students for life beyond school. The campus is just stunning. I have no doubt that Portledge has had a profound effect on who my children are and who they will be. Kudos to an amazing institution.
My two sons graduated from Portledge after spending 7 years there. I could not have been happier with my choice. The school really prepares their students both academically and socially. My boys were accepted to their top choice colleges and have excelled. There is a true sense of family in this wonderful and nurturing school. Our headmaster-Simon Owen-Williams is absolutely devoted to Portledge, as are the faculty members.
Portledge has been an amazing experience for my child. The teachers, the administrators and the overall community cannot be matched. I am confident that when it comes time for the college application process, my child will be more than prepared.
Kids feel safe and cared for- it is a priority of the school.
Time is the only issue with regard to participating.
The inclusive environment and overall feeling makes me proud to be part of this school community.
Teachers are caring, innovative, and dedicated.
It is a kind and nurturing environment. The staff cares about the student. They make learning enjoyable with project based learning. I would choose this school again because my son is happy and calls it his dream school. He won't leave! I only wish I would have sent him earlier.
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The teachers are qualified and very knowledgable in their subjects. Love the teaching style. The style is project learning. Where applicable they group kids together, allow them to brainstorm and welcome their ideas. Keeps a student engaged and interested. All teachers are interested in having each of their students succeed!! Easy for parents and kids to communicate with the staff. A kind and nurturing environment! My son calls it his DREAM SCHOOL.
There has been an increase in security personnel and policies. There are comprehensive policies available relating to bullying and harassment, as well as health and safety issues.
Watching my children develop as they move through the grades from year to year. Watching how far they have come in, for example, the grade plays that are performed every year is a joy and a testament to the school bringing out the best in my kids.