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Portland Waldorf School Reviews

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My children spend their days at PWS learning with joy! The curriculum is vibrant and varied, all students participate in the full arts and movement curriculum, in addition, to their academic subjects. Students at this school are given a true love of learning and are fully supported by the amazing teachers at the school. What more could I ask for as a parent?
I have such a good time there and met many good friends and teachers who always support me till the end.
The high school at PWS is really remarkable. Academically challenging, artistically rich and small but mighty.
The small class size allows the teachers to really get to know each student and challenge them in the way that works for that student.
Each year each class has an outdoor week where they go camping, backpacking or to a farm. They also have a yearly project week where student leave their regular classes to spend the whole week on service, artistic or literary projects.
The arts program is rich and diverse- everything from bookbinding to blacksmithing, orchestra to African drumming, painting to basketweaving.
This is a special place to go to school.
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1. Waldorf = Authoritarian. Child must fit into very specific paradigm of the classroom. no peer based learning. no inquiry. no peer based learning. no project based learning.

2. Same teacher 1-8th grade. Teacher MUST be a fit for your child.

3. No assessment or advocacy for dyslexia or learning disabilities. All learning specialists must be found out of school and the referrals- costly /ineffective.

4. Most administration and teachers have their children going to PWS. No clear, neutral, and unbiased problem solving

5. They dismiss children and families from the school with no notice or preparation.
People play a lot of sports, but there are not many clubs.
The school needs to better inform students about public health and safety.
I feel very fortunate to go to this school and I know that I'm getting a very good education here. However, like with most small schools, it has its issues.
It is a really great school for children of all ages.
My child attended the Portland Waldorf School from Kindergarten through 12th grade. We could not have asked for a more nurturing and supportive environment. He was accepted to all the colleges he applied to and offered scholarships to most of them. We feel fortunate to have found such a warm and nurturing school for our child. His portfolio was rich with fiber arts, woodworking, metal smithing and fine arts!
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