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There are good teachers who care and of course a few that don't. What I like About this school is they show a lot of school spirit and really back up their teams.
This school has allowed me to learn and excel in the areas I am interested in for my future. I had great teachers and counselors that are always willing to help with anything a student needs
I would like to see the education better fitted for college readiness. The teachers are not all equipped to teach their lessons how they would like and it reflects on the students learning abilities.
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I would enjoy the school more if our nutrition plans changed and more options were made available. The teachers are helpful to an extent, but my current guidance counselor has made no efforts to help guide me in any direction. I have reached out and have had no answers to my questions.
Since it is a small school, every student gets the involvement and help they need. There are also many different clubs/programs to help students enjoy high school and to also prepare them for college.
The school seems bland in comparison with other high schools in the area. I believe the school has an overload of cliques between student and teachers. It needs to more in tune to all the student body needs not just the preppy kid next door, the local babysitter, the teachers child, or the all talented athletes. They need to look within their self and truly see the segregation of students and some of it being caused by the staff themselves.
I felt like when I switched to Portland High School my Junior year of high school, it was like a family. I was so at ease and happy going into school every morning, and was actually pretty stoked to learn and make memories with my class. It honestly didn't even feel like I was going into school, but more like I was having a blast at every single turn. I would highly recommend Portland High School to anyone in the Portland area, not only because of the people there, but the opportunities it has waiting for everyone.
The school overall is pretty decent. I would like to see more involvement with seniors to prepare for college. More one on one with students involving deadlines and scholarship opportunities.
its alright.......................................................................................................................................................
I love Portland High School because of the deep sense of community that can be felt day in and day out. Throughout my time at PHS, I have seen tragedy and heartache, but I’ve also seen a lot of wins for our student body. Through all of the ups and the downs, we have become a family; there for each other no matter what. Furthermore, PHS offers countless opportunities for school involvement. There is something for everybody, which is exciting because it gets students excited for their high school experience!
great school with wonderful teachers and staff that are always ready to help you. I have had some great teachers made some wonderful friends that I will carry with me forever.
I love this school, community and town. we are like one big family. I can only say great things about my high school experience.
I like the support and help we get if we need it. I would like to see college readiness change so people can become more prepared
I believe Portland High School is a wonderful school. I do not think there is anything to change about the school. I love how caring the teachers are, how many resources we have, and how exciting the faculty make the school day. I am pretty sure there is something for everyone to get involved in. We have a reasonable amount of rules, and I have never felt strong enough to rebel against said rules.
My high school experience has definitely prepared me for college and later on in life. The teachers that I got to have were tremendous, cared deeply, and taught well in the classroom. School spirit runs deep throughout the entire school, and it shows within both students and teachers. However, my school lacks diversity, and some of the clubs available are not as active as they should be. The majority of sports teams at Portland High have had little success in the years I have been there, and a personal experience in football made me quit after playing for ten years. All schools have positives and negatives, and I believe that Portland has a lot more positive than negative. We are a tight-knit school strong in school pride, and the teachers and experiences that I have had here will be remembered for a long time.
Portland High creates a very enjoyable atmosphere where student do not dread attending on a day to day basis. Teachers keep students involved while learning and growing.
I went to Portland high school and had a good experience. I played football and tennis, and was pushed to be my best. There are various programs to participate in.
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I became friends with a lot of the teachers and that helped me a lot if I needed an extended deadline.
Portland High School is a school to fall in love with. Not many schools have such a tightly knit student body that supports everything everyone is doing. In my four years of going to Portland High School i have realized that when I graduate from here I will miss it dearly. The teachers and staff are all great people, and are committed to making you the best person you can possibly be.
The school is overall very clean and is a healthy environment to learn and find out what you want to do with your future. The teachers strive to help the students if they just ask. I would want to see more "school spirit" among the halls.
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