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Portland is a small town with a lot of history and older values; this is often reflected in the school. We are a close-knit school with an emphasis on school spirit and hard work. Most of the teachers are very enthusiastic when it comes to their job and many are downright inspiring. The band is like my home away from home. My school has a lot going for it, but it's not all good. I think the biggest thing I would change about my school is how the teachers are often treated. Most are overworked and under-appreciated-especially the para-pros. I would also like to see our school recycle more and put more emphasis on no-bullying policies.
Portland High School is a great school for its size. There is a strong focus on athletics. The school lacks in preparing students for college and supporting the fine arts. The school environment is safe and the staff takes great care of students. Overall, Portland High School is a great choice for those who want a smaller environment and a strong focus on athletics.
The teachers at Portland High School are very supportive and you can tell that they care about every student. The students all support each other and are kind and get along for the most part. It would be nice to get more involvement in clubs that don't involve sports, and more clubs in general, but it offers the basics and the people involved are very committed and supportive.
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Portland High School had a multitude of teachers that loved what they were doing. The teachers who inspired me to be like them always pushed me forward, giving me all the trust and faith I needed to succeed. However, some of the more older teachers who had gained their tenure did not care about the work they were doing, and would take at least one day off every week because they could. Clubs at Portland were nonexistent, and the main focus and budget went to sports programs, such as football. Academics were rarely celebrated by the administration at Portland, since our main profits came from sporting events. Never did we have a "Raider of the Week" who's profile did not include at least one sport. However, the sense of community and belonging during events like football games was profound and enlightening, making that my favorite part of being at Portland.
It was good because I got myself involved with a lot of extracurriculars, but overall there were not many things to chose from. Most programs were good and I would say I am proud to once be apart of it.
Coming from a small school, teachers know a lot about the students and student families so it is easy for them to play favorites, but overall the teaching is good and they know what they are doing.
This school is small. The teachers are either awesome or terrible. There is no in-between. The rules are enforced strictly and by favoritism. The advanced courses are virtually non-existent. Many of the students do drugs. There are almost no arts programs or clubs to join. Most of the people are nice but there are cliques that don't interact with each other at all.
Everyone seems to get along , but there are some groups of people. There is limited supply of materials and also not a lot of options for classes. Tend to keep students in like children instead of letting them be adults.
I loved everything about going to school here. The teachers were always there for you and because it is a small place you had some teachers multiple years so they already knew you. the school activities were the best experiences because everyone would get involved and come together to all participate. Overall it had the best environment for learning and for facilitating friendships and lasting relationships and i loves everything about it.
It's great because it is a small community so everyone knows everyone and it is easy to make friends.
My experience at this school was great. Portland High School is a great school to attend and you will always be accepted. What I love most about Portland is the small classes because I have many friends from each grade at this school and I know almost every single person in this school by, at least, their first name. I have amazing memories from this school with my friends, from the sports I've played in past four years, and all the fun times in class with my classmates and teachers. I would choose this school if I could do it all over again but only for a few reasons, and those reasons are to have more time with my fellow classmates and to experience more high school sporting events. I had an amazing four years at Portland High School but, like many seniors in high school, I am ready for college and to take the next step in life.
I really don't get hot lunch often but from what I've heard, it's okay. The cafeteria is great, it's plenty big enough. From what I've seen, there are plenty of healthy options, for example a salad or sub. I'm not sure about special dietary accommodations but the staff is very friendly so I'm sure they would help a student out if they need it. The menu has a good variety. The main meal is usually the same each day of every week but there are plenty of other options you can choose from.
Portland High School has pretty strict rules on almost everything. They take things very seriously and don't mess around when it comes to trouble. Some things they are lenient on such as dress code and cell phones in class. Attendance is taken very seriously and is strongly encouraged to be in class every day, all day. Portland is very against bullying and we take it very seriously here. There is no messing around it comes to it. The administration is very good at handling these situations and treat us like high school students. I go to administration for help on things all the time and it always handled in a good, mature way.
The sport and fitness we have at Portland High School is amazing. There is a small amount of students that don't participate in at least one sport. If a student isn't involved in a sport, they are always attending the sporting events. Students and the faculty are beyond supportive of the sports here at Portland. Portland is a small community so sports are a big deal here. There is never a day where the weight room is empty after school or even on the weekends. All the teams here are very close, we are all like a family when we come together on and off the field. Our school spirit lacks sometimes but it really depends on the sport. Portland is an all around great school when it comes to sports and fitness.
I would say 98% of the teachers at Portland High School are amazing. They do most everything they can to help us succeed and are always open to helping us out. They are very into our success and want to see us succeed. Some of the teachers are a little iffy with their grading and get off track sometimes. All of the teachers are very knowledgeable with the curriculum they are teaching. There isn't one teacher in Portland High School I wouldn't feel comfortable going and talking to for extra help.
There are plenty of choices; you have the community service club, bowling, debate club, NHS, recycling, SAD. The level of commitment varies for each club depending on how much work needs to be done for each. NHS takes the most commitment because once you're in the club you have to maintain a certain GPA and do so much to still be accepted in the club. The most popular club is probably, from my point of view, is the community service club because the president of the club is very fun and involved which gets us students involved in it as well. All the administrators are very supportive and encouraging of each and every club at Portland High School.
I love how small the school is.
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There is a wide variety of food.
Our school it very safe.
The majority of the money goes to the football team
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