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Phs is a great place to be! My favorite thing is our location and open campus. Students can go out to lunch in downtown Portland. Teachers are willing to provide help if needed, and there is a lot of school spirit! Especially during Spirit Week. Sometimes I wish the student body was more heard by the administration, but they are working towards improving this.
I love the teachers at my school. They are all passionate about their subject, and each teacher is committed to helping students learn and succeed beyond grades. However, I've had problems with administration. I don't like how they treat tardiness as deviant behavior, and particular members of administration have little regard for the wellbeing of the students.
Portland is a one of a kind place. If in the right classes, the academics are fantastic and the teachers are great and most are eager to build strong relationships with the students. The AP and honors classes are very separate from the college Prep classes which is strange at times. Overall, the best part about Portland high is the people, the diversity, and the school spirit. I learned more life lessons there then I ever could have at a prep school and will always be glad I chose Portland.
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Traditional to a fault. Maintains sexist policies regarding dress code and who is awarded medals at graduation (top 5 females and top 5 males are awarded medals even if the top 8 students in the graduating class are women). Like most schools there are both highly effective teachers and others who do the bare minimum.
Portland High School is a great school. I've enjoyed every second of everyday I've been here, which has been for 4 years. The students could be a little more nice and there are dancers here at this school so adding a dance program to this school in the future would be pretty nice.
Great support for clubs and activities and athletics. English and math departments are very strong, science and foreign language are lacking. Good people, admin isn't bad, all around enjoyable experience.
Portland High is a diverse school. Many kids come from all over the world speaking different languages. We do our best to support each other and make each other feel welcome.
I’ve loved this school, I had the choice to pick this from two other schools, and I’d recommend this one out of all three for most students. The school culture is safe and friendly. The teachers are great, but we often lack funding for clubs and things we want. I did drama for 3 years and we always did it on 0$ budget.
My 4 years at Portland High have definitely been the best 4 years of my life. Portland students are very motivated, well-rounded, intelligent young adults who have endless pride for our school. The teachers truly care about each and every one of their students and take extra care in making sure that every student thrives. The student body is truly one big family and I couldn’t be more proud to call myself a Bulldog!
I felt as though it was an average high school experience with some bad teachers and some awesome ones.
I transferred from abroad in the middle of freshman year. All my friends had opted to go to Deering while I’d chosen to stay true to family tradition and attend Portland; I can’t say I regret it. PHS has had nothing but a positive impact, whether it be our sports teams (which have absolutely incredible coaches and teammates) or the positivity in the air at the school. My only issue Ceuta the PHS is the student parking. It’s far from the school and you have to walk up the hop past a homeless shelter to get to the school. It’s especially nerve-wracking after sports practices when there’s no one around. Even at homecoming, there was no alternate parking, which all in all made students not want to attend. Those who did attend sprinted fearfully back to their vehicles after the dance. I wish we could have student discounted passes for the parking garage at the school; it’d be a lot safer.
For the sake of learning, I think Portland High is a great place. Right at the heart of down town, you are right next to the library, and a 5 minute walk from the Art Museum. Most of the freshman teachers are really great, and want you to succeed while actively pushing you. Socially, it's more meh. It can be pretty cliquey, especially with the 'popular kids' and 'jocks'. But I don't think I could ask for a better educational experience than the one I have at Portland High.
Portland High School has surpassed all expectations. I was a transfer student from
a different High School in Maine. I attended my junior and senior year at Portland High School, and absolutely loved it. My only regret was not starting there as a freshman.
A lot of the teachers are some of the coolest people you'll ever meet, can't say the same for all of them. There's a lot of freedom but administration can be very overbearing.
Used to go there. Decent school, but not academically up to par. Awesome how you can eat downtown for lunch as the location is great. Basketball and football is big at the school.
I love Portland High School. It has its ups and downs, but at the end of the day, it really is like a second home to me and I know that I will always be welcome there. I think we definitely have some things to work on, such as integrating ELL and special learning students into the "main stream", trying to make sure no student falls through the cracks, and being more open to students of all kinds. I got a great education, had a fantastic time, and made some life-long friends and memories.
A terrific experience - being right in the city helped me navigate Portland better and I think overall I had great relationships with all of my teachers. They all want to see you succeed.
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I actually began my high school career at Portland's rival school, Deering High. I attended Deering for my freshman and sophomore years of high school, whilst being bullied and feeling uncomfortable to walk through their hallways. When junior year rolled around and I started at Portland, I felt so welcomed. I had a handful teachers who made such positive impacts on me, I formed some life-long friendships, and I graduated with a class that I would be happy to call family. Not only are the people great, but I can honestly say that I learned at least one thing that I will always remember from each and every teacher I had. Portland High is a wonderful, lively place, and is somewhere I truly feel honored to have graduated from.
It's a very diverse school but you notice the cliches that hang out together.
Some teachers need to be interviewed again because I've had teachers, who are horrible at teaching.
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