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My high school experience was pretty good overall. The teachers helped me when I asked for it and if I didn’t understand anything they always tried to help me figure it out. However, they didn’t understand that our mental health is more important than our school work sometimes and we need a break.
I like Portland because it is a close knit community and offers a very personalized learning experience. However, since it is such a small school there is not much variety for activities and classes.
What I loved about Portland High School was the intimate class room settings. This school had roughly 300 students so you really got to know your peers and were more than just another student to the teachers. Faculty went out of their way to make sure each individual had a chance to succeed.
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The building is very nice, but the teachers need to give less homework. Also, the students need to be given more freedom because they're treated like infants.
For me, Portland High School is the only school I have ever known. I have never moved, and never switched schools. Despite this, I was very pleased with my time there. The teachers were mostly helpful, and were always available for extra help. The food was good almost every day, and the cafe rarely had disturbances. The sports facilities are top of the line, with 4 soccer fields, a baseball field, a track, and 8 tennis courts. Portland High definitely provided myself and others with a great experience.
You learn a lot while having fun! Teachers help you to understand the curriculum and help you use it in the world and around you. The teachers and supportive and patient while teaching the academics. The academics are easy to grasp!
Although Portland is a small suburban town that is mostly caucasian, there is plenty of diversity in the high school. There are foreign exchange students and students that come from other towns, such as Hartford, to get a better education. Everyone gets along well and respects each other's beliefs and foundations. Anything mean is kept to themselves. We are all friendly with each other and strive to have a good time!
They do their best to keep extracurriculars fun and education! They help you apply what you learn there into the real world and help you to succeed. They encourage you to come out of your shell and have fun while making an impact on your future.
High school was an amazing time for me; I made so many friends and grew close with some of my teachers. I learned a lot while having fun! Portland High School didn't feel like a waste of time and I looked forward to coming to school and learning something everyday, as well as communicating with friends! There was always extra help if you needed it, the faculty were awesome, and the guidance office always helped students no matter what! If I could do it all over again, I would!
Portland is a small town, and with only 300-400 students at the school, and around 50-60 faculty/staff, everyone is cole to each other. The students can connect with the teachers well, because every teacher recognizes you and gets involved with your academic and social life (in a good way). It's easy to communicate with teachers in a small school because everything is close-knit. The teachers are very comical and friendly, and they do their best to include you in activities and discussions! They believe in you and support you, and push you so you can be your best. They truly want to see you exceed and do great things!
I have had a mediocre experience at Portland High. Nothing really sticks out.
There are certain teachers at Portland High School who do an excellent job teaching. However, these performances are shadowed by the atrocious performances of others. There are teachers whose classes everyone dreads going to, the classes people cheer when they don't have and there is no way to hire replacements.
Could use more AP class options
The problem is that those that seek activities outside of the student council are not recognized.
For the most part very good to excellent.
There are mostly excellent teachers at this school, with a few very poor teachers that should consider other careers.My children did well but that is because we supported them and advocated for them. Those who do not have that support, may be lost in the shuffle.
Doors are locked during school hours and visitors have to be buzzed in. There is a police officer on site in the mornings and a bus supervisor outside everyday. The nurse is awesome. I think the school is relatively safe.
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There is Key Club, FBLA, National Honor Society, Tri M Music, Drama Club at our school. Support from teachers and administration is okay. Key club and drama club are popular.
I'm not sure that I would choose this school again. I have had to really fight for everything I've accomplished and to be recognized as a student of value. I do love participating on the cross country team, band, chorus and all of the plays and musicals. I have a lot of respect for several teachers and some that I would never want to have again.
My school is small and a lot of the teachers were born and raised in this town. There is a lot of favoritism towards students whose families have lived here for generations. The administration tends to cater to certain students in their position and influence within the school. You must be willing to fight for your place using your intelligence and willingness to go above and beyond within this school. Grading is subjective in some classes and tends to benefit certain students in propelling them to succeed.
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