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Portland Christian Jr/Sr High School Reviews

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I have gone to this school my whole life and have enjoyed it very much. I am very glad to go here. The teachers know every students name and care about you personally. As a small Christian school, we can pray for each other and help each other grow in our faith. The smaller community makes it easy to make close friendships. That also makes the sports here that much better because we know our teammates so well and they are our best friends.
I went to this school since Kindergarten. I went to the Portland Christian elementary campus and then went to the high school campus. I have met the best Christian friends I didn’t think I would ever meet. The academics are challenging and push me to become more eager to work harder and learn more. The environment is very safe and the teachers not only care about our academics but our personal lives as well.
I have found PCS to have been eye-opening. I admire the staff and how much they care about your academic achievement and well being. The academics and resources at PCS are also wonderful. I would recommend PCS to many. Spiritually, the school is outstanding. Many "uncomfortable" topics ignored by other private schools are discussed here. It feels like home and they include parents so much. One thing I would change about PCS is the tuition.
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The Board is incompetent, as is their Board Committees, and Jr/Sr High Administration. They are overrun with back office staff with enrollment down to record lows, while reducing teachers. They brag about things they cannot deliver and misrepresent facts and finances. No direction, leadership, or accountability.

Their grade school is the best in the area, but pull them out to somewhere else at Jr High.

If you want faith-based go to Columbia Christian or LaSalle Prep depending on your price point.

If you want high academics with an associate degree at graduation, go to your local public school for free.
I liked the overall quality of the people as in my friends and the staff was very friendly, however there are a few teachers that aren't qualified for their jobs. The counselor was very helpful in my college search.
PC is a small school with many public/large school options! Our kids started in pre-k and will graduate here. The environment and mutual love of Christ from staff and fellow students is amazing! It's a fabulous place for our kids to learn from and although it's a sacrifice we do not regret one dollar we've spent over the years.
Portland Christian is a great school for someone looking for a Christian, College prep school. The teachers genuinely care about you. Parts of the school are outdated, the cafeteria food is typically gross, and it could use a gym. However, apart from those three things, the school is great and the environment there is really good.
Our school doesn't offer any clubs unless you consider Student Council a club. All of the activities such as band and choir are electives. The only extra-curricular activities that are offered are sports: Soccer, Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Track and Field. In the past there have been years where there are not enough people to make a team so that sport just wouldn't be available that year. Each sport is $195 to play. The athlete is not able to keep their jersey.
I have been forced to go to this school since second grade. It wasn't until high school that I noticed the "clickiness" of all the people there. Since then, I have not enjoyed my experience. It was a real bummer that the classes would have so little class spirit when it came to school events such as spirit week or supporting sporting events. Overall, I wish I could have had a better high school experience, but I learned valuable lessons from attending. The education on the other hand seemed to be good. I really liked that whenever I struggled with a concept, my teachers were very accommodating to spend time outside of the classroom tutoring.
I love the teachers at this school. It is easy to connect with them on a personal level outside the classroom. The teachers are by far my favorite part about the school. Unfortunately, the past several years it has been a struggle to keep the same Science teacher for more than a year which is challenging when each year you have to get to know another teacher for a core class.
Band, drama, choir...not sure if there's a student newspaper
It's like anywhere else. Some teachers are great and really care. Others shouldn't be teaching at all. I don't think they have to be accredited which explains a lot.
It's an old building but mostly clean
They do a good job I was involved in a lot
there are always gonna be people that bug you wherever you go.
I loved my teachers in high school. They were always really understanding and helpful.
Most of the extracurricular activities are sports and we ranked pretty high in basketball. Since it is such a small school, there weren't a huge amount of activities to choose from.
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I have never noticed anything that felt unsafe or unclean about this school.
If you are a devout Christian, then this is a good place for you. If you aren't sure what you believe and value diversity, then it's probably not the greatest. I feel that I got a great education as far as academics go, but I would like to see more diversity, tolerance, and acceptance at this school.
The teachers were my favorite thing about this school. Most of them were very kind and encouraging and I could tell they really cared about their students.
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