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Portland Adventist Academy Reviews

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I love the christian education that I am able to get there, as well as the amazing teachers and staff.
Portland Adventist Academy has an amazing Christian community. The teachers there are wonderful. There are many opportunities like AP and leadership growth.
My overall experience with Portland Adventist was very good. The academics there are great, and the teachers really connect with you on a spiritual level.
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It was very Christ-centered and they offered many extracurricular activities, ranging from afterschool athletics to choirs. I especially enjoyed the extracurricular activities as I partook in most of them. They provided many opportunities which allowed us to further our education, offering college classes and Advanced Placement classes, some teachers went even further, taking classes to onsite learning areas. The teachers were kind, welcoming, and inclusive, I always felt at home there. It was a great school to attend and I hope someday my children will be able to attend Portland Adventist Academy as I did.
I loved Portland Adventist Academy because the teacher push you to believe in yourself. The staff are not just interested in your academic life but in your spiritual as well, if you go to any staff member you can count on them to care for you as their child. The school's education is very good as well, again the teacher make sure that you not only pass the test, but that you learn and exceed as well.
Portland Adventist provided great academics but poor college prep for students. Did not help students with career planning or scholarship applications or even college applications.
PAA is a powerful school. It is a place that provides and pushes the students towards academic excellence. There are a plethora of extracurricular activities and leadership opportunities. Furthermore the hope in Christ is obvious in the staff and is thus shown to the students. It is a truly a ministry as well as an educational facility.
PAA is great for an all welcoming student community, and it's a healthy place to learn morals and about yourself. However if it's really important to you to play sports other than soccer, or participate in well put together extracurriculars encompassing Amy of the arts, then probably go somewhere else.
The class are good and teacher very nice. The teacher really care about you. The school staff makes sure they know everyone's name and care how you do small enough that you have lots of friends and very athletic.
I believe PAA is a great school to send students to because they excel in education as well as get a deeper perspective of who Christ is. The amount of love and effort the teachers give to students is such a bonus too and they amount of support the overall school family gives is really heart warming.
It is a fully accredited co-ed high school in Portland, Ore., operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The motto is "Christ centered, character driven." College-level and college-prep classes were available in anatomy & physiology, history, English and calculus. Many students are involved in sports (cross-country, soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, golf, skiing and rock climbing). Many others participate in various music and art classes.
Teachers are very understanding and caring. Feel free to talk to counselors and teachers about tough life decisions, your current emotional state and about Christian views
There is hardly any bullying at the school. If I do see bullying, there's usually a friend to stop it. Teachers are there, too, but I think the community at the school uses peer pressure in the correct way to stop bullying and pressure people into doing the right thing.
There are many of fun clubs at my school. Some clubs require more commitment than other, but all are fun. There is to of administration support.
What makes this school unique is the experience that goes along with it. The sports opportunities, the different clubs, the large amount of AP class choices.
The teachers at my school are amazing. Each and every one would help a student in any situation, even one that isn't school related. There is a diversity in teaching styles. The teaches are very knowledgeable in what they teach, and if there is something that's harder fir them to explain, they bring in guest speakers. Their communication skills are not as stella as I would wish, but they do get information out in time.
They offer all the comforts that you need when you're not feeling well, and you are just really able to rest.
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Everyone here is extremely gifted and blessed. We are a diverse school, and we are filled with talent.
I had never been the "new girl" at school before, so going out of my comfort zone made me really...well uncomfortable. However as soon as I arrived, the student body and staff were very helpful and nice. I love our principal he is very outgoing and does a great job with interacting with the students in an effective way.
They are very friendly and very wise. They are also willing to help you with problems outside of class, and they have a wide span of knowledge over different subjects.
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