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I made many friendships, most of my teachers were great! This school is weathered and needs a face lift. I'm proud to be a Panther.
My experience has been awesome I will miss my friends, teachers and staff from PHS. I have lots of memories that have happened to me in this four years and I hope the people and teachers continue being as they are now.
The school has definitely changed from my freshman year to my senior year. My experience thus far has been like any other student. In the beginning you start off easy then you go to medium then hard and right back to easy when it’s your senior year. Besides the fact that you have to worry about college and your life, Senior year has been the best year. The school offers the resources needed. The teachers are great, at least some are. I don’t really know what to change. I haven’t had any problems.
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I loved the atmosphere of Porterville High School in some areas. There were times where I complained about the teachers; however, the pathway teachers were always wanting to help and expand our horizons. The pathways were incredible. I chose to be in PAHS and I loved the many connections to health I made and the opportunities to apply what I learned into the medical field.
My four years of attending Porterville High School have been interesting. Throughout these years I have received a lot of help from family, friends, and the staff when it comes to being prepared for college. AVID has also been a big help because it is a college prep class and helps me stay on track with my classes and grades. Something I would change about this high school is the students involvement when it comes to school spirit. For example, at the home games there should be more students dressed in out school colors and ready to cheer and support the schools team.
Porterville High School is the oldest of three high schools in the small town of Porterville. Like any school, it has teachers that are absolutely amazing and some of the best that I have had, and some that are not the best to say the least. However, overall PHS has a great staff and great academy programs. There is PAB, the business academy, PAH, the health academy, and AERO, which stands for Alternative Energy Resource Occupations. I was in the AERO academy during my time at PHS and it is what makes the school unique. PHS was the first school in California to have a program that teaches its students about alternative energy and a wide array of skills from designing using computer software to installing solar panels.
My experience in Porterville High School has been very good because at all times the teachers and counselors have been helping me to get the classes I need in order to graduate and complete my credits.
Porterville high school has very good teachers. Something I appreciated was that each teacher is a little different in there teaching which I find helpful because it increased my learning in each curriculum. However, I wish they would provide more opportunities for the students that struggle with choosing a career path. The pathways the school has are great, but if they implemented programs that could help students discover their passions, the school can be even better than it is already. Over all, my experience at Porterville High School was a good one.
I not only liked Porterville High School, I loved it. Porterville High has some of the most friendly, funny staff I know. The school culture of Porterville was so great, no other school compared in my book. At Porterville High I have met some new great friends of all different races, which was pretty neat. From the school work, to rally's, to assemblies, to being in sports, I wish I can go back and do it all over again because high school was four years gone by too fast.
The teachers are the best, they go out of their way to make sure we understand the material. They teach in such a great understandable manner. Also the campus has a great atmosphere, there’s plenty of places to get help from if needed.
The first time I ever walked in the campus of Porterville High I was surprised to see such a clean, elegant, artwork surrounding the school, and spacious school in a small town that is Porterville.
It may seem a little ghetto but the overall atmosphere is inviting. And they have a lot of fun activitys especially during rivalry week.
I enjoy this school. Everyone is friendly and teachers are great and helpful. my favorite is the support and the involvement of the town with all sports and activities. alumni is huge and proud!
The ride alongs in the EMT class and the PHS band. Most teacher seemed to really care. There are clubs and sports that really make the experience better.
My experience at Porterville High School was a great place to start out my freshman year, because it was a campus full of people that got involved in everything sports, clubs, the dances, literally everything. Its also a very friendly environment to be in.
Porterville High school is a great school, the pathways gives good opportunities as long as it is in the career you actually want. The classes made just for the pathways will try to steer you in the right direction but aren't always going to be helpful if you want a specific career. It pairs up well with Porterville college to give you a head start.
Most teachers are amazing there; they teach in a way that you grow as a person as well. There are others who are just there for the job. There has been many instances where it seems like nothing changes. How they handle situations, I'd say needs to change, and how they treat some students better than others.
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Amazing teachers however would love to see the school counselors encourage all students to attend a four year university.
Porterville High School is a decent school. It has great choir and band departments. Academics are okay, but there are not many AP classes available and they do not usually have good teachers. Sports are good. School spirit is amazing. Overall, Porterville High School is average.
I would like to see teachers doing more to get students ready for college. I do like how there were resources for students but I would like them to be more aware of what is available.
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