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Great, small school. Individualized learning experiences, wide variety of extra-curricular activities including sports, plays, and more.
Portersville Christian School is a small, private, Christian School that has very small student teacher ratios. The culture is average, but the teachers are great and they help prepare students for college.
Staff bent over backwards to see me succeed while attending this school. I can't thank the staff and administration enough for all their effort and work getting me through to graduation.

I have a severe anxiety disorder. As a result of that, I had incredibly poor attendance and bad grades going into my time at PCS. Despite this, administration accepted me and help me through til graduation. I truly can't thank them enough.

Despite this, I can't say school at PCS was perfect. I haven't spoken to my fellow alumni in any real depth since graduation and I never truly felt like I was part of the class. I constantly fought to feel accepted but never was. Everyone acted friendly to my face, but I was never invited to do anything unless everyone in the entire class was. I was never really given a chance by my fellow classmates. I don't blame the school for this, and don't know if this is a common issue, but this was my experience.
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It’s a great environment of love and the it’s like a huge family of friends. If you ever need anything someone is there to help you at a bunk of an eye. I went to school there for 6 years and I’m graduating this year. I highly recommend and definitely recommend the college courses for students there junior and senior year! They are very helpful
It's a good school for Christian growth and learning. Most teachers are nice. Good friends make it worth it.
I love this school. You can make great friends who always support you, and you also can go to your teachers for anything. This school feels like a family.
Portersville Christian School is a great school for kids that live in western Pennsylvania. It is located on a hill that overlooks lake Arthur and Bear Run Camp Ground. The academics and very good at this school. enough to challenge a student to do better and push themselves. The teachers always have time to help any student that may need extra help. The sport department is excellent the coaching staff for the Basketball and soccer teams especially.
I attended PCS for all of my elementary and junior high years. WORST DECISION MY PARENTS HAVE EVER MADE FOR ME. For years, I would come home upset or crying because of the drama and bullying of the other people in my class. For many grades, the classes are toxic and drama filled. In addition to the social issues in the classes, the teachers are underpaid and get overbooked schedules. Also, in the past, there have been many problems with male teachers at the school being creepy and even getting charges pressed against them for pornography and other issues of that sort. The ideal that the past and present teachers and administrators of this school hold is that "the kids and staff of our school could NEVER do anything wrong". Even after finding out when things ARE wrong, they try to cover it up or blame shift the problem onto someone else. So yes, there may be some good in the idea of sending your child to get a Christian education. But, in my opinion, PCS IS NOT THAT PLACE.
My time at portersville was possibly the best of my life. Everybody there is so loving and caring. There is not one person that will not support you in that school. The friends there are amazing. They are friends that you will not find anywhere else. If I could change one thing about that school it would be for them to add more curricular activities.
there is no security but also no need of it. small and safe school
there are many options as well as fantastic student involvement
The community is very accepting and fun as well as a great learning environment
They consistently go above and beyond and help any and every way they can
Great school with involved students and caring staff.
The musicals and dramas in theater class.
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