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Teachers go out of their way to help students, not only with school but with all aspects of life, the teachers here are always willing to listen and give advice.
My experience so far has been good. Like many other high schools out there, our food is meh, facilities could use some work (ex. bathrooms), and there are some staff that have sort of a bad reputation.

Overall though, it's a nice environment, with a good variety of people/personalities. I haven't had a teacher so far that I disliked; most of them are friendly & involved with their students. Academics are average, it really just depends on the classes you take. The resources for college prep/counselor availability is not the greatest (3 counselors w/ 1600+ students), but they've definitely been improving these lately. There's a huge selection of clubs and activities, with a lot of people creating their own clubs. Besides Varsity soccer (and sometimes football), our sports teams are not the best, but games are always fun to attend.

All in all, I'd say PRHS is slightly above average as a school, but the culture, people, and experiences are what I'm going to miss the most.
Porter Ridge's resources are pretty good. All students have their own computer and learn to navigate assignments online. The school is a little overcrowded, needing more space. Wish some of the teachers were a little more invested in the student's learning. They offer a lot of clubs but some are not well managed.
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Porter Ridge has given me the chance to make plenty of friends, work hard at my goals, and inspire others. I have enjoyed going to Porter Ridge because of the diversity and the experience you get when learning about different types of people and cultures.
I personally enjoy attending here, and most of the teachers of honors and AP classes are pretty effective and flexible with good personalities. I can't speak for the CP teachers, as I haven't been in many CP classes.
Porter Ridge high school has been extremely crucial in my development through my teenage years. The school provides a great balance of fun social experiences and challenging curriculum.
Porter Ridge High School is an overall great high school. It is a young school in comparison to other schools in UCPS, and the building itself is maintained very well. The overall high school experience is given by the environment it brings regarding a large array of academics, athletics, opportunities, and diversity among students, faculty, and administration. A major change for the school, in which may be awaiting approval, is the expansion of the building itself to allocate more room for many teachers and a high density of students.
Porter Ridge is a great school that encourages personal growth and achievement. There are a variety of classes I have access to that both interest and challenge me. My peer group helps motivate me to succeed and work hard. I have enjoyed my time at Porter Ridge and believe it has prepared me for the future.
I was a member of the Porter Ridge Band of Pirates all through high school. Being apart of such a large group gave me the opportunity to have so many friends from all walks of life. Most of the teacher's I had were very passionate about the subject they were teaching. The school offers a variety of sports, music and theater classes. I didn't eat in the cafeteria, so I can't comment on the food. The parent involvement and support of the students was great.
Porter Ridge High school has a great environment and has a very diverse selection of classes available to students. The teachers are always ready to teach and are very dedicated.
Porter Ridge High School is an amazing high school! There are many opportunities as a student! There are clubs that anyone can join, there are many different athletics, sports and club sports. There are a good mixture of different types of students with different backgrounds across the school. The school also has amazing teachers that work hard to make all their students successful in their learning and in their life. Overall, I love Porter Ridge High School and I am so blessed to have been able to come to this school.
As my junior year begins, Porter Ridge High will always be a big impact in my life. The school has great opportunities for students and a wide variety of classes to sign up for. My first two years were wonderful here and I’d rather go here than any other school in the district!
Porter Ridge High School does its best to be as good as it can be for its students, and one of the best things about the school is how the administration cares for the students. We have a good and involved student body, and our academics are good for our district.
Overall, this school was pretty bad. The teachers sucked at their jobs and it seemed like they’d hire anybody with a teaching degree without making sure they can actually be good at their jobs. Although, it also had a great location out in the country, perfect for drives just to clear your mind and help you think. Overall, I’d like to see this school stop treating everybody like a baby. They are in high school, not day care.
Porter Ridge was a great school four years ago, which was up until my Junior year. After that, many of the great teachers left for better opportunities and their positions were backfilled with teachers who seemed to barely have an education of their own.
I had an overall great experience at Porter Ridge. There are many people to get to know and make friends with. I think the biggest problem is the reliance on technology and spending school funding in the wrong places.
I had an amazing time, I am life lasting friends and the organizations that the schools provides are amazing! I was able to be a leader at this is school and able to leave a small mark at the school. I enjoyed it!
Things may be different now, because there are plenty of new staff and Administration.
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I loved the diversity of the school. The school has very excellent academics but the clubs and sports are distant from the students. Bands, arts, and academics are underappreciated and the school should put on more meaningful recognitions throughout the school year.
My experience with Porter Ridge High School has been such a memorable time. From Freshman year to beginning of my Senior year I’ve Grown into a woman and student that I’ve always wanted to be. The teachers are always willing to help students achieve any goals and help lead them into the near future. Our administration is always looking out for us as students. Whether it be for our safety or to run things smoothly throughout the school. In addition, we have so many clubs and organizations that make everyone feel welcome in our school. For example, I’m in 9 clubs as a current student. Them being Beta Club, National Honors Society, Interact, Hosa, Future business leaders of America, Fasion, Girls up, Prom Committee, and Student Council. My time in these clubs has opened me to many new things, taught me to be a leader and made me fall in love with my school.
When first moving here, I could already see the step up in quality of the educators and overall environment from where I use to be. The teachers care, and want you to reach amazing heights. The people are overall just a pleasure to be around.
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