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Well, porter High school is a very good school, with a very good security, to which sometimes they're strict. Porter high school is very competitive in sports, winning some championships in soccer and acknowledgments
in football like arriving at play offs 4 consecutive years.
I will never know how good or how bad was New Caney or Kingwood, but for me Porter high school always will be a good school.
My experience at Porter High School has been extremely well compared to the school I went to my Freshman year of High School. We have been provided chromebooks for our classes, and the Teachers there are really good at there job when it comes to teaching and doing there job.
Porter High School is a very involved and fun place to be. There is a great learning environment, and plenty to be involved in.
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My experience at Porter High School was good. I really enjoyed the clubs that were offer at PHS. I would like to see some changes on dress code because there dress code is ridicules.
Porter High School is a small town school, the teachers here are very helpful and encouraging. I have had a great High School experience here and love the student involvement in all extra curricular activities. If you haven't been to one of our Battleline of 59 games, you must come out!!!
The teachers at my school were above average; not the best you've ever heard of, but a lot better than other schools could provide. Counselors were very helpful when you needed them (for psychological and scheduling). By far the best teachers there were in the history, science, and math departments. The fine arts department was the hype of the school. Choir always getting straight 1's, as well as the band and the orchestra. The band advanced to state the 2017-2018 school year, and I had the pleasure of leading them along with two other drum majors that made my years at PHS unforgettable.
Porter High School offers a friendly environment that makes you feel at home. There are clubs and organizations for everyone, no matter what you're into. Students are always interacting with one another and you rarely see anyone by themselves and not being included.
The teachers at Porter High School are very great, and there is a good vibe to the school when it comes to the student population as well.
All the teachers are friendly and seem to care about the students. I went to porter all four years and the teachers are excellent at what they do because I got good grades my whole high school career.
I like that Porter High School is very quick to make every students experience safe yet fun and educational. The only thing I would like to see change is the food choices and also slightly better teachers.
I enjoyed having a block schedule, a new building and Chromebooks. Porter High School was a lot of fun and offered me a comfortable environment.
Porter High is a very diverse school, students can partake in many activities/ clubs. Being an Alum to Porter, I truly take pride is being a Spartan. From the education to sports, Porter exceeds the expectations.
Porter High School was really nice in my opinion. The academic program was fairly rigorous & was extremely competitive for the top 10 percent. The extracurricular activities are extremely varied and cover all kinds of topics, such as robotics, arts & ROTC. It's a well-rounded school of extracurriculars & academics.
I liked how the teachers there cared about their students' success and always tried to present the information in an exciting way that would capture students' attention.
Porter High is an average school. They offer the usual core classes and some college enrollment classes as well as some advance placement classes. Sports is something this school takes pride upon. Having send offs and peprallies in order to show school spirit. Though I must say, school spirit here isn’t one of its [Porter] strong suit. Being enrolled into this school just last year, I could already immediately tell it would be totally different from my uniform only, stricted, former school.
I'm not too sure how Porter compares with other schools but I feel it is a fairly good school. The reason behind the three stars is because while the school has lots of resources at its disposal it tends not to use them. Another issue that I have had was that the science department was not the best it could be. I plan to major in engineering but the lack of effor from my AP phiysics 2 teacher has held our class back. Overall I feel that Porter high school is a good school for people looking to get through schooling and proceed to a local college like lone star or university of Houston.
Porter High School is very involved when it comes to academics. Its programs to further a student's career is very advanced as it is set up as a major like it would be in college.
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I like that we have individual Chrime books, getting mire prepared for technology and no physical text books. I am in Band and love the directors and teachers. The school is very supportive of the Band.
My experience with porter was different beacause of use of conputers for everything test, homework etc. The school district is funded well. The administration is really good the teacher's overall get the job done some more than other's. The use of technology is a bit more of a problem as far as the learning process goes but it all together is a good step toward the future.
So far I have been doing well.The school recently got bigger due to the fact that their were too many students.The vending machines got new chips,and drinks for sale which I like a lot.
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