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Overall, Porter-Gaud is a very good college preparatory school. As an alum, I can say that it has a very good educational program. However, socially it is not diverse or culturally aware or sensitive at all.
Academics were great, teachers great, but students horrible. I recommend the school for people who want a good education and are willing to put in the time and effort. Social scene is difficult to say the least. Bullying, cliques, self-obsessed rich students, lack of diversity, and rampant sexism. The administration tries their best to improve the school environment, but unfortunately the type of students who frequently attend this school likely will not change.
Porter-Gaud has an unbeatable mix of a broad array of classes from regular classes to AP, state championship winning athletics (with nationally recognized athletes), and a strong Christian foundation (but one that is, at the same time, supportive of many diverse faiths including Jewish, Muslim and non-believers.) Leans 60/40 more towards boys because of its history as a boys’ school and an outstanding all girls’ school in town to compete with, but the girls who attend PG love it and don’t feel marginalized or minority. Great school spirit, nice families, top notch teachers who attended such schools as Stanford, Williams, William and Mary, and other top schools themselves. Small class sizes average about 14 in a class, but some classes might have just 5 or 6 kids in it depending on what it is. Excellent college placement program & staff. Warm and welcoming atmosphere.
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Porter-Gaud allowed me to have a great relationship with both my teachers and my peers. The teachers are so passionate and truly want to get to know you as a student. Due to the small class sizes, you can form close bonds with these teachers who you'll often see attending the school musicals or cheering for you in the stands. The teachers are so supportive of your extracurricular activities and are very accommodating. They are always smiling and willing to meet with you after class for extra help if you are struggling. As for the students, you begin to feel like a giant family during your time at PG. You truly know all of your peers and become sad when your time at PG has ended. Whether playing a sport, performing on the stage, or doing community service, it is great to know that you have the support of both the students and the faculty at your school.
An excellent school with amazing teachers and a great learning environment. A great variety of extracurricular activities as well as academic programs
This school, if your parents salary allows you to attend it, is the perfect place to grow as a young men. The food is really good compare to others high school food. Classes are pretty small, and the teachers are always here to help you. However, except playing varsity sports, it is hard to play or having fun in a sport you're not really good at it. The students are nice in general. The only bad point is the price, even thou they are building new buildings.
While this school does an alright job at promoting a safe academic environment, there is constant bullying/undermining of students' abilities that the school does nothing but condone.
Great for athletes-- terrible if you are not one.
Great intellectual experience, awful social scene.
Most teachers are great; the remaining are AWFUL.
I love the School, Chris has done very well at this school. and I hope he does really well the rest until he graduates.
I would go here again if I could. Best experience I could have dreamed of.
There is always a club for someone to join.
The track is one of the best in the state along with the weight room. Equipment is always up to date.
Everyone went to a 4 year school after graduation. Many went to Ivy league schools or top schools due to the reputation and hard work from Porter-Gaud.
Always have multiple hot lunch options as well as a full salad and sandwich bar. Food is always amazing here and there is ice cream every day for dessert.
Amazing teachers who are passionate about what they teach and their students education. Many teachers have doctorates and have taught at the college level or have years of experience.
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I had a couple of teachers who were pretty terrible in that they gave the people that they liked better grades than others, and it was painstakingly obvious who the favorites were. Overall, though, I liked most of my teachers, especially Ms. Mazursky, Dr. Slayton and Madame Bruce.
The volunteering and the service trips were by far the best part of my time at Porter.
Academics were tough. Personally, I am a test-taker, not a homework-doer, and I still graduated with a pretty decent GPA.
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