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Porter Early College High School Reviews

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Porter Early College High School has been one of the high schools known for having gangs, which is not a true thing. Porter does not have a good nutrition which makes some students call their parents to bring food for them during lunch. The administrator who takes care of the bus substitutions does not inform the students when it's needed, they usually take a long time for them to let the students know what bus they are taking, at times they do not do anything about it when the bus does not get to school on time or when they do not show up.
I liked how close they were with the community and how it gave us a lot experience to interact and help our community. I loved that they were a lot of clubs to join in.
My high school experience was no different than an average high school experience. I joined as many club and organizations as possible. Along the way, I grew amongst myself through the experiences I gained. I became more outgoing, aware of my surroundings, and I learned how to work with all type of personalities. Overall high school shaped me to be the person I am today.
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Every year, I continued to go every day because the teachers knew in their own unique way how to teach their subject. Most of them, also, knew how to get along with their students, so that the students would be more open to talking about a problem in class, school or personal. In addition, I wouldn't like for anything to change because every day I went to school, it always was a different experience.
What I like about Porter is that there is a lot of school spirit. There is pride in our school no matter what. Also, the students are very kind and nice to each and they respect teachers and administration. In addition, the most wonderful part is the clubs and sports, we aren't just a team but a family.
Porter high school was the best thing that ever happened to me. It is my home away from home and I can wholeheartedly say that every aspect involving it is extraordinary.
I feel as if Porter Early College High School lacked many activities that many schools in the city had. Going to this school felt like big missed opportunities. There are a few teachers who feel like diamonds in the rough, but overall, the rest were very unsatisfactory. Our athletics are bad except maybe in soccer. Fine arts is overlooked by everyone unlike other schools. Our priorities reside in a football team that barely won one game. This school was a disappointment except for a few students who made my time here somewhat bearable. Overall, I would choose to attend another if I could redo my high school again.
My experience in my school was overall a pleasant experience, since I had a sibling going there as well. I do have some complaints about it like some teachers don't teach us at all and let us do whatever we want. That's something I would change.
I personally love Porter Early College High School. It is an amazing school here in the Rio Grande valley. I love my teachers and administrators. They are incredible!
Some people talk negative about Porter Early College High School, but it is not like everyone thinks. Porter Early College High School is my high school. I am very glad for attending this high school because it is preparing me the real word with their academics. I would not change anything for my high school because those little mistakes make Porte Early College High School perfect.
It's a small school where everyone knows each other. The teachers are all very nice and easy to get along with.
Although Porter is not the greatest schools in our district, it offers many opportunities for the students. We have a variety of AP and Dual Enrollment classes, some of which I've taken throughout my four years. The majority of the teachers care about their students and want to see them become great individuals. The only bad thing about Porter is the drama. Just like any school, there's always gossip going around, and nothing really turns out to be true. I hope that in the next couple of years, administration steps up and tries to resolve that problem by communicating with the students. Overall, I enjoyed my time at Porter and would encourage many to get involved in the different clubs we have to offer.
The best school there is, when I was there it was the best experience I had had been through a lot but possitive thing.
PORTER EARLY COLLEGE IS A REALLY GOOD SCHOOL but although it doesn't serve the best food.Also,the adminstrators don't really care about their students tbh .
My 3 year experience in Porter High School has been great so far. The teachers are nice and willing to help you out. As for other students, it varies from crowd to crowd, just like any other high school.
What really is exciting are all the clubs and activities you can be part of and the satisfaction of your hard work paying off.
I'm looking forward to this coming school year as a senior and taking advantage of all of what this school has to offer.
It's an okay school me and my big sister went there so did my parents the sports weren't the best always had great wrestling program my little sister will be going there this year
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I loved it. The faculty in this institution understands what it is to be a student, while dealing with our personal life at the very same time. The counselors are magnificent, most of them just try to help you reach your goal. Even if you do not have one they will help you find something you are passionate about.

Some of the students are not familiarize with the language, however the teachers make sure every student has the same educational opportunity as everyone else, some of them will even spend their own personal time helping a student. In my whole 4 years there I never saw any type of parent involvement, the food... it is not the best. however, I do not blame the school for that but the school system the U.S has.
The Porter High School soccer team has an outstanding team and great coaches. Recently the soccer team has won the State Championship.
i didn't like it. worst school i have ever been to. the students and teachers were all so disrespectful.
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