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I like the help that i get and opportunities to pass all my classes, i would like to change the kind of food that they provide at the caffeteria.
Good teachers pay attention to students all around good school. A bunch of new people to make friends with and co inside with. Everyone gets along with one another and no drama. Steady school schedule and school activities.
The portales high school is a pretty good school and it's cool the teachers are there to help you out with your work, it has a good schedule with education it's pretty good and friendly students and it also helps you out with some financial aid and you can study college classes to gain credits and those classes are free but very hard but they're still free and well for food it's not good but the school is pretty good.
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Portales High School is in a very tight-knit community with many understanding and caring people. Whenever a student needs help the staff and even peers help as much as they can. Everyone grew up with everyone so there is little to no judgement and no one feels left behind.
I like how Portales High School has opportunities for dual credit with Eastern New Mexico University.
I love the size of the school and how everyone is so close. The teachers and staff are extremely friendly and care about their students. I love how they offer classes for students to take at Eastern New Mexico University.
My experience at portales high has been extremely positive. There isn't really anything that I dislike about the school. The school would only need to improve on nothing everything is just the way it should be.
It is a very friendly school that has very few problems with students or staff. I love going to school here mostly as an athlete because it creates memories and you learn important life lessons in the process.
While attending Portales High School I have come to recognize its best and worst qualities. The best quality is the dual-credit program with a university. This allows students to surpass expectations for regular high school students and not be restricted by the lack of advance education needed to progress. The worst however is the excess of testing.
I liked the way teachers would greet kids in the mornings by the doors, I liked how some teachers would care about their students and ask how they were doing or how was their day. I didn’t like that other teachers didn’t even seem to care if a student was sad in front of them they would only care about teaching.
Portales High School is a wonderful school to attend. The high school staff provides academic knowledge to prepare students for the real world. In the years that I have attended Portales High School, I have met many friendly and supportive people including the teachers, students, and administration. My favorite thing about Portales High School is the wide variety of extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs. I also love how open-armed the staff is to help students apply for colleges, scholarships, and even help students choose a career choice that suits their needs. I would not change a single thing about the school.
The counselor's and teachers do everything they can to push you while trying to help you succeed. If any student needs extra help almost any teacher will stay during lunch or come early or stay after school to make sure the student gets what they need. The counselors make sure that students are taking college classes if they are ready and are very personable. The sports teams are successful and the students work hard at what they do. The coaches make sure to push the student athletes to make sure they're prepared for the season while teaching them life lessons and equipping them for the field/court and life outside of sports.
I loved how friendly everyone was and how the school gives you the opportunity to take college credits in high school for free. The only thing that could be changed is the food in the cafeteria.
This school was excellent, in my opinion. Teachers are great, and really care about your education. Counselors are readily available to talk with you about anything and the students are overall very nice.
This school has a great educational program. Teachers here work their best to make sure every student needs to know what is to come to college and keep up the influence in furthering their education.
What I like about Portales High School is that we have so many extra curricular classes that we can take unlike the small schools around us. What I would like to see change is the amount of cameras that we have because I feel like we need some more in the parking lot especially because many kids like to hangout and mess around with other people's cars.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at PHS. The staff is outstanding and personable, and the coaching staff is absolutely fantastic. I would not trade my experience for anything.
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Going to Portales High School was an amazing experience. The teachers were very helpful with everything. All of the students were pretty nice but mostly stuck to their own cliques.
A teacher threw a walkie talkie in a fit of rage, gave a student a concussion, and still didn't get fired. Another teacher hit a student in the head with a textbook and suffered no punishment. Not to mention his open sexist and racist teachings.
At Portales high the funnest times I would have would be at the school's pep rallies. The pep rallies always had competition and they always were something to look forward to. Something I would change about our school would be the dress code.
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