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Portal Middle/High School Reviews

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PMHS is a good school for developing relationships with students, and teachers. I would like to see more programs be provided for students there.
Since the school is really small, students, including myself can get one on one help with the teachers. The teachers are nice and they cared about all of the students.
My overall experience at Portal High School was pretty interesting. I really enjoyed my teachers and most of my classmates. Being a small school, you got a lot of individual time with teachers and one on one tutoring if you needed it. We may not have a lot of clubs/activities, but the ones that I did participate in were very fun and enthusiastic. Our sports teams were usually really good, and we always had a lot of support from family and friends. All in all, it was a good school and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a small community, supportive teachers, and a great academic program.
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I like Portal Middle High School's partnership with colleges so that students can dual enroll in high school and college.
Like the atmosphere and small school feel.
Needs more clubs/activities/sports for students to get involved in. Also would be good to have a track for the track and field team to practice on.
Portal High School is like my second home. I would like to see a change in administration in the following years.
The extracurricular activities that are offered are extensive and really give the students plenty to choose from!
This school is has a family atmosphere.
The teachers genuinely care about the students.
All of the teachers are wonderful at Portal Middle/High School.
I think the health and safety policies are up to par at my school.
There are not many extracurricular opportunities.
This has been a wonderful school. I have enjoyed the small classes, and love the teachers. I get along really well with my fellow classmates and love my school.
Everyone knows each other and unites to help one another. It's like a big family.
There are fights and drug problems but it is handled.
They recently got a new school so they improved.
I was able to receive many opportunities.
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There are many clubs to choose from.
Many of the teachers are dedicated to their students
I attend Georgia Southern and have a 3.9 G.P.A.
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