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Students are great. Sports too. Clubs and activities are limited, probably because it is a very small school. Most teachers are good.
It’s a good school, with good children who attend. While the funding is low, the administration and school board go a long way with what they have. The well being of the students is first priority, and overall it’s a good school.
Portageville High School is the standard small town high school. There are very minimal resources at our disposal and too strict of administration.
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Portageville is a very small school with an equal amount of inspiration. It has a low expectation for itself and doesn't seem to have any incentive to better itself. Most teachers are positive and see the students as more than entities whom which they have educate. They strive to become their pupils friend and become a positive influence on their pupils lives. Although, some faculty are with the mindset of ill intent. They only make peace with certain students while they ignore the others. The others usually include the unfortunate and unathletic. The school is unimaginative and refuse to innovate in any way.
Portageville High School is an amazing school for such a small town. I have attended PHS for 4 years and will graduate from here! Proud to say I am a Portageville Bulldog and after I get my degree I can hopefully come back to my small town and become a teacher here myself.
The teacher try they best to help us as much as they can
Portageville try to give us every thing that we need to be the best students
I have met great people at this school that I'll always be grateful for. Most have become like family to me and they will always be in most of my favorite memories made here in my hometown high school.
Our teaches here may not be the best in the world but down here they are. Our teaches just don't sit there and read to us they find ways to keep us active and awake. Our teachers are the best at getting us hyped up whether is with an open class discussion about what's happening in america or a question that leave us wanting to know more about a topic. The student and teachers get along great here they are use to our teenage slang and ways so they can communicate better very easy to talk to with just about anything. Our staff here is pretty smart and will always help us understand in many different ways since not all of us can catch on like some of the other students in the same class.
my school has sports like any other school but we only have basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, and

football. We don't have a lot but it's better then nothing, we been winning a lot here lately which makes sports more exciting here. Aside from sports we have clubs like Beta, Fbla, and FFA all great clubs for a small school. Beta really doesn't stand for anything its just an organization for students who has a high GPA, shows good character inside and outside of school, and participate in community work. Beta is well supported considering about more then half of our school is involved in beta and great because we compete with other schools for just about anything but mainly for a spot in presidency, vice president, sectary,treasurer, and reporter but there's more things to compete for but that's the main focus. Fbla actually stands for something which is Future business leaders of America cool right,but this club test you business ability with many competitions involving business like sports management, business law quizzes, and profit. We raise money for this club by selling and dough nuts and that is a big hit every year that we don't really need the school to fund us. FFA is dealing with farming and agriculture something that don't interest me but let my classmates tell it that's the best club we got. They take annual trips to farms and colleges a lot and get lot of good scholarships from it.
From my point of view, i recommend Portageville High School as a school to attend. Why, it's a small school. You get plenty of one on one help from the teachers. The teachers would go out of the way just to make sure you have everything you need. The students are very nice and friendly to anyone new that come to Portageville.
violence do not take place
i really dont know because i dont get into any trouble
we have great athletic facilities
fights are takeing care of at the office often but that is as far as it goes they will give both them the same punishment and never nothing else is done if you do nothing or not
most class are over worked rushed though on every day it is ethier pass or fail.
they do few events some are blood drives and field trips which are not common but it ok and fun when they do
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the teahcer care for the pets and are the fastes to help them and there needs and do what they want or need if they want out go class they let them or let them get off for crimes even breaking the law
well in he all the history and calls the teacher knowing me on a bases and seem to care but not total lee sure but in the end i would chose anothers school time and time again the football and sports I love.
The counselor and principle don't seem like they know what they're doing most of the time
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