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I love the helpful teachers here. I feel really safe and people are really nice. Shoutout to the people who serve luch. They work really hard.
Portage Northern High School is an extremely good high school. The majority of the teachers show over-the-top enthusiasm, making sure that their students are focused on the discussion. The building itself is fairly large, but it is very easy to get used to navigation there. Each floor is somewhat organized by class type. On the athletic side, Portage Northern High School provides great opportunities. They have great programs with incredible athletes that are ready to crush it in college athletics. If possible, what I would change about this school, as well as others, would be the start and end times of school. Classes start at 7:40 and end at 2:57. These times are extremely awkward, compared to how they used to be.
My experience as a student in Portage Northern has been such a fun and exciting experience because the school provides discipline in their academics, but also lets students really enjoy their time as teenagers in high school. From dances, football games, and other school activities, I've really made myself participate in so many different clubs and opportunities that the school offers.
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The education I received was great, but my experience was tainted by the administration assuming the worst and having preconceived notions of the character of a student before actually getting to know them
Portage Northern High School has an excellent drive to provide students the environment to thrive academically. Teachers are driven to help their students succeed and the school offers programs for the academically talented such as the International Baccalaureate Program
Portage Northern is great with a good education program. They school is nice. the class sizes are a little large and the school is not always "clean"
Attending one of the top 10 schools in Michigan is a very honoring opportunity and it shows the grand quality of education each student receives as they finish.
One of the things that I like most about the school is just the community itself. The town itself is very friendly but in the school I am able to talk and interact with people like me. There are a lots of activities available and very respectable teachers that teach here. The teachers are able to get involved with their students and are willing to take time out of their day just to help us. There are a lot of assemblies and activities that get the whole school involved and make you feel apart of the community as a whole.
The school is a very average in certain areas such as administration, diversity, clubs, safety, and administration. But what does add attraction to the school is the fact that the school is IB certified meaning that students have the potential to earn the very prominent International Baccalaureate degree. While the sports teams do appears to have been going through some recent hard times. But the football team will be kicking off a brand new football stadium which is the buzz of the community with other new facilities such as an aquatic center and a baseball field. The resources that the school has is exceptional due to the fact that the school library has many educational and reliable research tools that take advantage of the internet.
Portage Northern High School offered an environment full of helping hands and opportunities galore. There was never a time I felt as if the school was against me. The teachers are more than just teachers, they are caring people. The students are great.
I loved my high school. I was supposed to attend Portage Central High School based off of address zoning, but requested to transfer before my freshman year. I played varsity soccer all four years and absolutely loved the coaching staff and my teammates. I was a member of the school's Student Senate and got to take a trip to DC with other seniors in Student Senate and it was one of the best trips I've ever taken. Unlike many other schools, we were able to leave campus for lunch as Juniors and Seniors to go to nearby restaurants with friends. Portage Northern offers the IB Diploma rather than AP, which were a great challenge to prepare students for college courses. Although I have moved out of my hometown, I would love for my future kids to go back to Portage Northern if I ever return someday.
I have been a student here for the past four years and have had two other siblings go here. The level of education which I have received at Portage Northern is above and beyond amazing. The facilities are top notch and the faculty here truly cares about you and your education.
I like the availability and friendliness of the teaches. I never had a difficult time trying to find some extra help whenever I needed it. The facilities there are amazing. I cannot wait for them to get even better after new sport facilities are finished along with the new middle school. It is exciting to see new technology being utilized, just a little disappointing that freshman are getting the new stuff before seniors. I always feel safe and welcome here by all students and the teachers are constantly pushing their students to give their best work and to always have grit.
I take mainly IB classes and I am trying to get the IB diploma. The teachers for the main part, and willing to help, however not all the math teachers are great. However, it just depends on the person if you like your math teacher or not. I enjoy going to school and learning because of my teachers and the kids around me that are motivate to go and learn. The clubs, activities, and sports are fun to be involved in.
This school is a great place for learning. Very calm environment and very nice teachers. The facility is always clean and tidy. The principles and assistant principles make sure every student is safe, as well as the teachers and parents.
Best high school in the Portage area. Top teachers and faculty who are trained to make the student successful. This school offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma which holds students to an international level of studies and college level learning. Many fun school events for all students to participate in. Also many clubs and sports that are fun and engaging.
Portage Northern is one of four Michigan high schools currently authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. It is accredited by the NCAS as well as being as having a "focus school" designation. Many opportunities for athletics as well as the arts.
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I really liked the options Portage Northern has allowed me. It's nice to have the option of advance classes like IB and AP. It's a great way to earn college credit, which will help save money in the long run. The people there are really nice. The counselors are extremely helpful and are quick to fix any problems you may have. The teachers are all very genuine and you can tell that they really care about the students and making sure they get a good education. I feel as though this school had done its job in helping me prepare and has provided the tools for my future.
I would like the way the school handles bullying but other than that it is pretty good. They prepare you for college pretty well.
PN is a great school to go to, the teachers are awesome and the facilities are the best of the best.
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