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There' limited opportunities for advanced/gifted students and I often felt inhibited by their lack of funding.
The school has great teachers and prepares you well for further education. The teachers push you to be the best most well rounded individual you can be. The science and engineering classes are extensive and the teachers in this discipline will help you get into clubs like Skills USA to compete with others around the state. There are many other clubs you can join to help you decide what you want to do in later life. The facilities are better than average for a smaller town. The sports programs aren't great but they do try hard.
I have been a student at Portage High school for all 4 years of my high school career. Each department is strong and offers a variety of courses. I will have completely 5 AP courses at the time I graduate and there are multiple other advanced courses available. I have created relationships with most of my teachers that results in a comfortable classroom and higher achievement.
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I think there is room for lots of improvement but I think we are very lucky to have all the technology we do at the moment. We have a lot of good teachers who are really there to help us learn and grow. Some even go the extra mile for their students and I really like that.
You are able to get involved in many clubs and other opportunities. You can be so much more here, and the opportunities are endless. They provide you room to grow, as well as experience many new things.
My experience was not exactly 100 percent. My school has failed to protect certain aspects of students lives but over reacted to others. For example, in a students senior picture, he was told it was rejected because of a weapon. They however stated that hunting related pictures would be acceptable. This was a hunting picture. Another example was not stepping in on student to student issues until it was too late, resulting in a battery incident and a student being arrested.
As a current student at Portage High School, the school district has prepared me for my future. However, there could be more higher level classes offered for the advanced students. In addition, teachers often focus too much of the high level and lower level students that the middle level students get left behind. While Portage High School offers many resources to their students through the library and chrome books, the facilities could still be improved upon by adding extra gyms, classrooms, and a pool. There is little diversity to the school in a racial aspect. There are different economic classes, but the majority is very close to the same level. I have received a quality education at Portage High School, but there is a lot of room for improvement.
It depends on who you have. Most do a great gob.
Overall, the majority of the teachers at PHS are exceptional.
Bullying isn't really a big thing at this school. An case that comes up gets dealer with appropriately otherwise it isn't really an issue.
There are many students interested in the sports we have and the music program we have, especially the marching band.
Each subject is taught differently which makes the others harder to understand. Some teachers really care about the education of students and try to help them as much as possible. Others don't really care at all what their students do. They think that it's the students' education and they should chose to spend it however they'd like. All the students do get involved in something whether it be a sport, club, or extracurricular activity. There's a lot of things to do and be involved in and many of the students enjoy their life at the school.
The teachers all about favorites and can be jerks. The school is only concerned about kids graduating, not going on to college. The counselors are awful and don't reach out. Sports are fun if you have a last name. There are a few good teachers who genuinely care. The english department is terrible. They do not teach at all and do not help the kids.
I love the amount of school spirit PHS has. Homecoming is the most exciting event of the year simply because the student body gets so into it. We have the wackiest of dress-up days, the class competition is always the best (16 forever) and, despite our football team's losing streak, everyone attends the game on Friday night and cheers their heart out. The spirit is the highest during homecoming week, but is present year round, especially when it comes to sports. More often than not, there are theme nights for football games and volleyball games; the pep band is present at every home wrestling meet and basketball game. Overall, PHS has a fun, competitive spirit that is passed down from class to class.
I think Portage High School has great potential and all its teachers strive for every student to do their absolute best. When I walk through the doors every morning, the windows on the doors say "Through these doors walks the finest students in Wisconsin." This is great motivation for the day I know I will do everything I can to live up to the inspirational words printed on those doors. Portage High School is a wonderful place to be and all students should be proud to be a part of a school like Portage High School
The school has good spirit and it is a good place.
Overall, I am very pleased to have attended Portage High School. The clubs such as FBLA, Student Council, SkillsUSA, Spanish Club, National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society that I was involved in offered me many opportunities that students in nearby schools didn't get. I also had the opportunity to take AP courses and participate in many sports throughout my high school years.
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I graduated from Portage, and I can say I have met some of the most inspirational adults that motivated me to get where I am today.
Most teacher have worked very hard with my daughter and care.
Could use more help supporting track
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