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Teachers were very helpful when not understanding information. The administration was very kind. The students within the portage township school system is a wide range of diversity. The athletics are always fun to watch because kids truly care about what the are involved in. The academics available are at a very high level and student test scores help show that every one and every thing do an all around good job.
Sports events are well planned. Teachers are for the most part excellent at their jobs. The school could be a little more diverse. They could give better and more detailed information about different clubs and activities
Portage high school is a A rated school that has been trying to stay a A school and help their students. Since the shootings have been going on, my school has been making sure we get inside the school safely and making sure we get to class safely. Then also make sure you get out the school safely. The some teachers are the best teachers we can have because they do not lounge around, but they are chilled and help students be successful while helping them get ready for college. Portage does not really prepare us students for college and this is coming from me as a senior, but some classes students can take or vocationals students take can actually prepare them for college. However, Portage High School is still growing and trying to become better than they have each passing year.
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I love Portage High School. We all work together and strive to be our very best. Portage has many activities and clubs for us to join and meet new friends. Portage prepares us for the next step in our lives, college. The teachers make sure we get our work done on time and that we are focused on our goals. They even push us to do the best we can do. I couldn't ask for a better school.
My experience at Portage High School was very good. I graduated in 2017 and am currently in college. The classes I took in high school really helped me be prepared for college. I was a student athlete at Portage and am now a college athlete. My coach at Portage helped me to be the best athlete I could be and really helped me to be college sports ready.
While I attended Portage High School, I learned so much about people and their walks of life. I was heavily involved in the theate program at Portage High School, and I met many kids from different backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations, and races. I wouldn't take that experience back for the world. Being in theatre gave me such an indescribable perspective on the human race, and the art of performing, and the love that theatrical performance can instill in your heart.For anyone considering to send their children to Portage High School, I would highly reccomend it. Regardless of what program your child is involved in at this particular school, they will be rewarded, validated, and their grades will not slip due to the encouragement from the administration!
Portage high school is a different type of high school and many thngs about this school are different from other high schools. We have some good sports such as basketball, volleyball, and track, but we also have some amazing teachers. These instructors do not just offer students a chance to be educated but also a chance to grow with each other and make bonds.
I would like to change the teaching methods of some teachers. I would also like to change the food they have for the kids, it is horrendous! I do love some of the teachers their, they inspire kids tremendously!
I really like the support that the teachers give to all students. They do their best to help students achieve graduation. There are no changes that should not be made at PHS.
Portage High School is the best of any school I have ever attended. The staff was very helpful and willing to teach. I wouldn’t trade my 4 years here for any other high school.
Get rid of zero-tolerance policies and some teachers are bad apples. They are good at safety and take it seriously. They also keep the arts in this school funded well and understand they are a necessity.
Portage High School was a great school. The teachers are awesome. I felt well prepared when I went off to college.
My experience with Portage Highschool was fun. I enjoyed the teachers and lots of the students there. The sports program is very popular among the school along with the Drama and Art programs. I thoroughly enjoyed the Art program and it’s teachers. All of them were lovely and enjoyable. I’m glad to say I was one of their students.
I have many great friends that go to this school. There are many teachers that are awesome and what they do. Playing varsity basketball was also fun.
I had a somewhat great experience at Portage High School. I met a lot of great teachers who went out of their way to push me to excel in school. I was involved in sports my freshman and sophomore year and later decided they were not for me at the time. I challenged myself by taking advanced classes. Portage also has a wide selection of vocational classes. I took the Health Science Education vocational to experience what clinicals would be like if I were to work in the medical field. I felt like it opened my mind to the options of being a nurse in the medical field. Portage High School in general did not get me ready for college, I believe it was the teachers who went out of their way to help prepare me.
Portage high school provided me with a great society to make new friends. The teachers were very personal but in a good way.
My overall experience with Portage High School was pretty good with its ups and downs. A great community with great people all around. I had rough times but teachers helped me when needed and I would show improvement as a result. The only thing I would like to see changed is the school using funds to pay for certain books that teachers don't have such as physics or calculus text books.
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Teachers are 50/50 some care and will work with you and others don't care at all. The clubs and activities are very interactive with teachers and students. Administration is lacking in helpfulness.
I have learned a lot during my four years at this school. There are a lot of great teachers I have grown close with. Some things I would change are phone policies, some sports team coaches, and raise the pay for teachers.
I liked having the opportunity to have different class opportunities available to me, especially my vocational classes. Though, some teachers could have done better and could have helped with college and real life more, the school was good overrall.
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