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I liked being able to study in a christian school. It is great to be able to pray out loud in class. All the students in all the grades are very close and care about each other. the parents all support us in out studies and mission to learn about God and his plans for us.
I liked that the students in my class would compete to be the number one student in the class. They challenged me to be a better student. I had an amazing year academically because of them. I also thought Junior year was the hardest year of High School but it was my best year. I would like for the teacher to not worry about what the students wear or do outside of school. They need to focus on the students that are falling behind in their classes and help them pass.
Equality if you a board member or a family with money or your family works there then you are held to a lesser standard. If you are a family on a voucher then you are treated less or held to a higher standard. Some kids can get away with things but others can not. There is such a double standard. But would I take my kids out of the school no because I have seen worse things at a public school.
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The teachers were great people usually. Overall there was a lot of self teaching. Administration often were rule enforcers more then anything else.
They have great hearts and intentions. They often are overworked and don't have the proper tools for their job. Some also did not have proper schooling to be in their position.
The people there are great
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