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It is a great school with amazing academics, teachers, and college readiness, with an absurd amount of possible extracurricular activities. It is a bit “preppy” in an upper middle class area but overal it is a fantastic school
This school has tons and tons of opportunities to really put yourself out there. Teachers care about their students and make sure they are giving them what they need to be successful in the future. Our school is safe thanks to the school police officer, and the rules of conduct in our planners. The counselors work around what classes you desire and help you figure out your game plan. Classes are moderately easy if you pay attention and take notes. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to be successful!
My experience at Prtage Central was very great! Other than a few students and staff that made high school a journey it was very nice attending the school and I would recommend it to any coming into the district
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Portage Central High School was a good high school to go to. I had an overall good experience. However, being an alum and now in college, I wish there were more AP credit opportunities. Since Portage Public Schools do the IB Diploma Program, they offer a very limited amount of AP classes which are easier to gain college credit than the IB classes.
Portage Central is a great place to attend high school. With the IB Diploma students are offered a large selection of classes at different levels. Teachers and staff are willing to help and want to see the students succeed. Some sport teams may be inclusive, but there are other options. Overall PCHS is a great high school with fun sporting events, clubs, and classes.
I have loved every minute I have spent inside this beautiful building. I honestly consider it my second home. Eric Alburtus is the best principal perhaps ever and he consistently puts countless smiles throughout the halls. The theatre program run by Ashley Bowen has become my second family and the place where I have met friends that I am certain I will know forever. Portage Central High School is a phenomenal school, filled with influential teachers, and amazing students.
I personally like the school for the most part. I enjoy the open campus lunch for upperclassmen for sure. Honestly the bathrooms are nasty, especially the girls. Most of the teachers care about you.
Portage central was a great fit for not only my special needs but also my mental health. I attended the neighboring high school Portage Northern for 3 years before transferring to central. At Portage Northern, I was bullied to the point of attempting suicide and I decided to transfer schools for personal health purposes. I attended Portage central for my last year of highschool and built a strong relationship with the staff and Principal Mr. Alburtis. Not only did my mental health improve but my grades, and relationships with people also improved.
Portage Central is a well rounded, competitive, classic high school. Providing AP classes and the IB diploma makes the school competitive for all students many of which scoring above a 4.0 GPA. The only reason I rate it 4 stars is the lack of diversity, the community is also lacking diversity so that explains it.
Can't complain. The school is nice, and many of the teachers are great, though there are some that are not. The ability of the teachers is a huge factor that affects academic quality and positivity of the experience at this school. Luckily we can request teachers when the schedules are being made. Having a bad schedule can ruin your year, though. Good opportunities for high-achieving students, such as kamsc and ib classes.
Portage Central High School is a great school for college readiness and offers lots of classes depending on whether you want a challenge or need it easier. What I don't like, is that they preach the IB diploma to students, when it is not always as useful as they say it is.
It's very nice that it has an open campus and still is able to keep unwanted people out and the school safe. The teachers want to help you succeed you just need to make sure talk to them.
The diversity in this school is obviously below acceptable. Especially in advanced classes I notice students are one of TWO races. Also, when a teacher does not like a certain student, they make it known. In my experience I have failed many essays and speeches just due to the fact that the teacher did not like me because I had other teachers grade it to experiment and they gave me amazing grades. Also, there are sports that are not recognized as much as baseball and football and such that really deserve it. I never felt safe in the school, due to both staff and students. The principal is amazing and some of the teachers are over the top with how much they care about the kids that they are teaching, however there are few that are like that. The only good thing I got out of high school is that I do not ever want to go back.
Portage Central offers excellent academics and a variety of sports and clubs. Many of the teachers are excellent and go above and beyond to help their students achieve in class. The facilities are only about five years old and are very nice. They are also putting in new sports facilities as well which is an added bonus. However, even though Portage Central does offer all of these great things I have had a few problems there. The school is very large and it's easy to get lost in the crowd sometimes. They offer the IB diploma which is great for some students who want to attend Ivy League Schools, but it is not very beneficial for everyone else. Because they offer all IB classes, they don't offer many Ap classes which is frustrating for a student like me who wants to earn college credit in high school. However, despite some of the negative experiences I have had, overall it's a pretty good school.
Overall, Portage Central High School is an excellent high school and I have been very lucky to spend my past four years here. Every teacher/ staff member I have met has always been very supportive of me. They genuinely want you to succeed.Here they are very good at making students feel welcomed by offering so many clubs and activities that anyone can be involved in. Of course high school has it's up and downs, but in my experience the downs have never been caused by a staff member of Portage Central High School. With all the school shootings, our administration has done nothing but reassure us that we are safe. Whether that be reminding us of our in school officer, keeping us updated on events in the area, and preparing us with many practice drills. As a first generation student, I am not sure what to personally expect in college, but since freshman year the teachers and councilors of Portage Central have worked with me and answered any questions I have had about the next step.
Portage Central High is a great place for all types of people. Whether it be athletics, academics, or clubs there are a plethora of opportunities to challenge oneself and strive to be the best they can be.
The staff seems a little distant from the students and although there is a lot of opportunities for students to get involved, the way in which certain activities are organized make it complicated for students to get involved. There seems to be little communication between the different sectors as there are certain activities that WILL exclude students from other opportunities. Teachers are really accessible and generally friendly as well as understanding of any issues students may face, they are flexible with makeups and late work
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Central High is a very good school, not as diverse as it could be. The academic and support is excellent. There are a few teachers that should have been retired as there are many complaints about their teaching, and unfortunately they have taught core classes that can effect GPA. But getting pass that I would highly recommend PCH to anyone.
Its a nice school. Newer building. Some staff members are not very helpful. The building is kept pretty clean.
Overall, Portage Central is a very good school. The teachers help me to be successful, and the principal tries to connect with each and every student. The school was rebuilt just a few years ago so the facilities are fantastic. Most of the people are incredibly sweet as well. I would highly recommend attending and/ or looking into Portage Central.
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