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Portage Area Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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All of the teachers and staff are really nice and do what they can to help and teach you throughout your high school career to get you ready for life after high school.
Portage was a great school academically, however it offered no AP classes and very few clubs/extracurriculur activitied. This on top of the fact that the students and staff were very closed-minded. Almost zero thought was given to anyone who was not straight and white.
Great overall school with some fantastic teachers! They are really great with kids who need extra help and have always gone the extra mile to make sure that kids know what is being taught more than knowing answers for tests.
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Many sports are available for all students and the encouragement is tremendous. Other clubs and activities for the arts are also available that many students appreciate. Many of the coaches and leaders are teachers or administrators and accept everyone and do their best to help.
The school is a very safe place. The rules are fair and the teachers are fair and understanding. Everyone is involved in clubs or organizations and many of the clubs take trips and create memories.
Most of the teachers are very knowledgeable with the subject they are teaching. They are also very approachable and kind to the students. They are always willing to give up their time to help those that are struggling.
There are a lot of extracurricular opportunities including sports and clubs for the arts.
I have a lot of fun at Portage, It is great for me
Math and Science departments are great, history and English... ehh
This school is a small school. the class sizes are small and you know every teacher and their entire family. It is a great community, always willing to help one another.
This school is interesting. It loosely prepares you for the real world as best as it can being in a small town. However, it doesn't prepare students well for high end colleges and/or high end career paths.
Our school just put in a new wellness center with all the equipment needed to work out. Lots of students and staff participate in the 100 mile club. Alost all of the sports teams use the fitness center in some way to help improve our skills. Our school is very supportive in school spirit. Every home game we have a pep rally to get everyone pumped up for the game.
If you wanted something to do then you had to go to the guidance counselor to find out information. They don't advertise anything.
Basic menu. Didn't like the main food? Then you could get a salad or pizza. Didn't want any of them? Then pack your own lunch.
when your teacher is your coach it can go 1 of 2 ways. either they push you so your grades stay great or they help you slide by.. I've seen both.
the teachers were wonderful but our principals were questionable. if you had an issue and the guidance counselor wasn't in then nothing got done. if there was a bullying issue or a major malfunction the principal didn't do much about it.
There is a wide variety of sports you could participate in. If running wasn't your thing maybe rifle club was. There was a little bit of everything for everyone.
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The teachers were very supportive and are still there if I need them. I felt like I could excel in college but I wanted a break between school.
Tons of college prep classes one on one computer classes. VERY helpful staff!
the teachers truly care about you and its in a tight knit community where everyone knows everyone. Nice homey feeling. very small classes but you got the attention and help when needed. Sports are a huge deal! I miss high school
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