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The teachers really care about their students succeeding. The advanced classes are challenging without being overwhelming because the teachers really push their availability to help whenever needed. I wish that their were maybe more AP classes offered.
I enjoyed PORTA High school because it was small but it did lack advanced classes. I would change how some of the teachers taught and acted towards their students. Most of the students got a long and enjoyed being there.
For a small town school Porta High School offers a nice selection of classes. Students can pursue agricultural and industrial classes, or aim for the more difficult AP courses( but there is opportunity to do both).
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Thee food sucks, but the people are nice!
Most people are super sweet and care about one another, but some get to carried into drugs and alcohol. I think peer pressure and stress are the main problems at our school.
Our school is a great place when you see all of the amazing potential leaders! We aren't an extremely diverse groups here at PORTA, but there isn't a problem with that. Teachers want what bis truly best for you, so if you are struggling there is always help. There is only a few things that could be fixed at our school to make it a better place. One thing would be reinforcement of our dress code, it isn't followed really at all, also I think that we should maybe have purified water fountains or, be able to carry water around with us. We also could offer more options for classes, for example we only offer Spanish as a foreign language. Other than this few things that could be changed around a bit, our school is pretty amazing! :)
Some "cliques" are very welcoming to other people and being friends with other groups. Others are only friends with themselves and shut everyone else out. There isn't much ethnic diversity, but for the most part, people tolerate different ethnicities. The same goes for other minorities.
There are dress codes in place, but they are not always enforced. Bullying is a problem at this school, and most students do not tell the administration, so nothing is done about it. A lot of students attend regularly, but most students have skipped school at least once, and about 5-10% of students skip school fairly often.
Most of the time the school building is freezing cold.

There is usually technology available to students who need it. There are college prep and tutoring resources to those who ask, but many students neglect to ask for them
The workload becomes unmanageable for students who enroll in all advanced classes, but the quality of education is good. We have decent teachers for the most part. Popular classes include Foods and Spanish.
We have a fair variety of clubs and organizations. Oftentimes I hear other students complain about leaders of some of the group, and many people are not committed to the clubs. I feel like most students who join clubs do so to look like a more involved student, not because they are genuinely interested in the clubs.
This school is probably about average compared to most schools in the area. We have some fun events, some variety and quality of classes, and some nice and some not nice students.
We have some teachers that truly care about the students. Others only do the bare minimum amount of work required for their jobs. Overall, students have a good quality education though.
We have some good teams, such as basketball and cross country. We also have some mediocre teams though. About half of the students seem interested in sports and attending games.
I know a lot of people who drink and do drugs and a few have gotten in fights but I feel safe at school, since most of these students involve themselves in that kind of stuff outside of school.
Most of the food is processed food and if you want a salad it costs extra. There is a pretty wide variety of options and sides to choose from most of the time though.
All in all, the school has served it's purpose, I learned what I needed to learn in order to advance in the world, while it wasn't anything spectacular, it was sufficient enough to feel prepared.
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While I don't personally participate, the school does have an excellent athletics department that everyone takes a lot of pride in.
The majority of the classrooms have a smartboard that is well maintained, however it is up in the air whether the teacher using it will know how to do so.
All in all, the school does a reasonable job of providing something to keep everyone entertained, however minuscule it may be.
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