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I loved my experience at Port High! When I went to college I felt prepared and ready to take on college. The teachers at Port are great and I really felt that they wanted me to succeed in school. They were always very understanding and helped when I needed help.
I liked that Port Washington High School has such great teachers who care deeply about the students. I also feel like the administration is always looking for ways to improve the school.
Recently, a large majority of the school was redone. All of the new classrooms are state of the art, the science wing has large rooms with lots of lab space. The new gym provides ample space for sporting events and the new performance wing now has storage space, a black room, and specific changing rooms.
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I created the best of friends at Port Washington High School, but was also impacted by the amazing teachers and administrators. Everyone is willing to help others and the community is involved greatly.
Port high was a great place to grow up. I learned so much from teachers that truly cared about my education and had great accelerated programing that kept me engaged in learning. I am partial to the music department because I spent half my life in choir and band. I think that Port High has always had an exceptional music department and it's a tight knit community.
My time at Port Washington High School allowed me the opportunity to be successful in the future. Although the sports facilities and food options were not of highest regard, the school has recently been completely renovated and exceeds all expectations. It's faculty genuinely cares about the student body and the level of academic standards is second to none.
The math department and the communications department consist of the best teachers a student could ask for. But, the other departments are scattered with teachers who do not take their job seriously or cannot teach very well. The administration focuses mostly on students who are involved in sports, so if you aren't in a sport, you will just be a blank face to them. Physically, the new school is beautiful and provides a lot for its staff and students.
I have been in the Port Washington-Saukville school district since I was five years old and I can honestly say I couldn't have asked for better mentors in high school and I couldn't have asked for more individual help on anything.
There's a lot of teachers who aren't sensitive or understanding about the mental health of students. It will always been run by "the good ol' boys"
Port Washington High School has great teachers. I have found many to be very supportive and knowledgeable in their subject areas.
very nice, friendly, and knowledgeable teachers and staff. They enjoy their jobs and love teaching students.
The things I liked about Port Washington High School, were the administration and the staff. I thought that I earned a good education there and would encourage other High Schoolers to attend their as well!
I love the teachers and atmosphere. I do not enjoy the different grading systems teachers have, I wish it was all one system they had to follow. Some teachers abuse this and use very odd grading techniques.
I like the new construction, wish it was done while I was enrolled there. It's modern, open and beautiful. Most of the teachers truly care about the students.
I had great experiences all four years. The Teachers are wonderful and always there to help. There are many activities to get involved with. Administration is there to answer all questions you may have. Great college planning.
Going to Port Washington High School has been a great experience for me, especially with the positive environment you're surrounded by. The clubs and activities that you can take part here are endless. Although the sports here are fun to participate in, don't expect it to be the best in the state. On the contrary, that arts program here is a one of a kind, and probably the best in the state! Our acapella group has gone to nationals, vocalists and instrumentalists have won state, and the international/domestic trips we take as a choir and band are amazing! Overall, the school culture here is supportive and involved (and they're renovating the school which is awesome!).
In comparison to the surrounding school in the area, Port Washington High School has a wonderful academic system as well as extra curricular program. There are many advanced placement class opportunities to expand the educational options. There's a club, group, or sport for everyone and anyone who would enjoy being included in one. The teachers here are motivated to see success for their students. If the students here are willing to put in the effort to be educated, the staff and factually are excited to see them flourish.
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The best school for any student that needs an individualized experience, accommodations and compassion.
The teachers were enthusiastic about their courses and were always open to helping students. While there were AP courses offered to students, however, I personally did not get much sense of encouragement to strive for careers outside of an office. Sciences and Math seemed to stressed rather than History and English.
This is a big thing that can be improved, but it is definitely not terrible. My one wish is that some teachers could make the workload a little more manageable and be more understanding of their students.
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