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The music program is strong, especially the orchestra. The quality of the math classes are low, yet the history classes are rigorous. All the students from Freshmen to Seniors get a long together yet the math education is lacking. The need for more teachers is obvious.
PTHS is a unique school. From the outside, it appears to be a typical rural school district. However, parental involvement, teachers, and clubs and activities take this school up a notch. I was plenty challenged in high school and felt adequately prepared for college. I still keep in touch with several teachers from PTHS, as they genuinely care about the success and well being of students.
My daughter had a hard time agreeing with many teachers. Professor's personal views should be left out of the classroom here. She enjoyed her three years of track and field, and the high school does have a wonderful athletic program. As Maritime Studies become more prevalent, the school takes away elective classes. I would not put her in this school if I could do it again.
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Many teachers are teaching subjects outside of their own educations due to district redistributions. We simply don't have enough quality science and math teachers, so teachers are teaching outside of their own knowledge base. For example, our Physics/Chemistry teacher is actually a Biology teacher. Some of our English and History teachers are very good, but in the higher grades, it tapers off.
Drug use and alcohol use is very prevalent both during and after school. Many students engage in the practice.
There are not blaring instances of intolerance, but our school is not very diverse. It is kind of like Denmark or Norway, everyone is very similar and homogeneous. This greatly decreases any discrimination or intolerance because we don't have the diversity to create tensions.
There can always be more opportunities for involvement in clubs, but I have had a lot of luck in finding suitable ones or figuring out ways to fill any voids. Administration is receptive to starting new organizations. I have been a part of at least three new clubs, and I know of several more. The funding available to these organizations is not good though.
Our sports teams are not incredibly good, and the ones that do well are not very recognized. The programs offered are the very basic ones, but I have had success in working with the administration to increase sports opportunities throughout the school.
There is community opposition to some of the administration. I don't personally have a problem with it, and I find it receptive to student ideas and willing to accommodate. I think there is definitely room for improvement though.
There is a lot of community work promoting healthier options and Farm to Table tactics, but as of right now, little change has been made in the cafeteria options. A snack bar with really unhealthy options was removed, but right now, the remaining options are sub-par.
Technology was recently improved upon, but there are still great limitations. The knowledge of staff in dealing with the new resources is severely lacking.

In other fields, the size of the community limits the resources and facilities available to Port Townsend High School. The administration, students, and local community members do do a lot to increase the availability of programs, but there are still deficits.
The small community both limits and allows personal change.
Diversity of curriculum could be expanded upon. There are limited classes, and little room for a student to branch out into new fields. The core curriculum is very basic, so for students who want to go further, the options are very limited. However, with a fair amount of initiative and patience, some changes can be made. I have worked with administration to add a method for completion of a basic course offered in 7th grade, in order to free up my schedule for more rigorous and interesting classes.
It's a small town, so not too bad. Free health center is a plus.
I feel that some teachers are excellent and helped a ton, but most were just there to assign homework. It is in a good location, and some of my best friends are still from high school. If you want to be successful you have to really engage yourself.
Need better coaches and funding, some sports with decent athletes don't get enough attention because of lack of popularity.
Some teachers are excellent, but most are pretty average
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Lots of options, there is a good mock trial team, knowledge bowl team, and some sport teams are decent.
Not enough healthy options. Not sourced organically and locally, could be made better.
I would choose this school again because it has a great curriculum.
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