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I would change the way the school looks on the outside, make it more inviting and not look like a prison. I wish the sports teams took more pride in their teams and students came out to support their athletics.
The medical program is just about all that I enjoyed in my 3 years at PSL high. Many teachers did not have much enthusiasm for teaching, but there were a few that would actually take the time to help students struggling with the subject. I believe that the staff should worry less about the holes in your jeans and more about safety and success of students.
I would tell them that PSLH is a great eperience meeting ne people and making great memories and friends. I would like to see the sports facilities be upgraded.
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The teachers of this school is on the most part nice and they communicate well with students. It has been repainted and they regulations have been changed with our new principal who entered our district last year. Overall, a pretty decent school.
While Port St. Lucie High School isn't an A school yet, the school has become a big family to me. I came to Port St. Lucie High School with little friends and a broken heart from recent family issues. Not only did the students at the high school help me become a better person, but the teachers and the administrators as well. The teachers at PSL are caring mentors who will do anything in their power to help you succeed if you extend the hand of course. I could not imagine me going to any other high school than PSL because the school has influenced my character development for the better, helped me grieve properly over my family issue, and presented me with best friends that I know I can count on for a lifetime. Once a Jaguar, always a Jaguar!
I believe one of the major things that should change at Port Saint Lucie High School is their Art program, and their choices in Language classes. I'm an Art (General) major and there is only a couple of different classes to choose from. For the languages, there's only one choice- Spanish. I've taken one year of it and although it will give me the credits required for most colleges when I finish my second year, I was hoping to take German, French, or Japanese. The classes aren't very diverse in general and there aren't many courses that give you any college credit or will go towards your education in whatever you're interested in.
I absolutely love the band program and the sense of morale throughout the school like every high school there will always be some sort of incidents. The faculty truly make the school exceptional to attend.
They’re 4 years of my life that I can never take back. I gave pslhs a chance, but everything was totally bogus.
My experience at Port St. Lucie High was very good. Made a lot of memories that will last me a lifetime. I academically did well and was really great at theater. The school was not at its best when I was a freshman. But my senior year is when the school started to turn around. The current principal is really focused on raising the percentage of graduation, and to see college acceptance rates go up as well. When I was attending, they introduced the new laptops that were made for easier access to school work and files inside your laptop. Although the laptops were a great idea, sometimes I felt like a good book and some paper would have suited the assignment more appropriately.
Port St Luce High School is a grate school to attend they have many program's like CTE. All the staff are supportive and are always there if you need them.
I went to this school for four years and did dual enrollment and highly recommend the program. This school is very diverse and welcoming of all ethnicities and communities. The faculty is extremely friendly and helpful. The academics are challenging, but rewarding. I will be graduating with my AA degree because of the schools’s dual enrollment program.
The opportunity to take dual enrollment helped me to graduate with my AA degree, although some of the teachers are terrible with favoritism and they do not put in too much effort to assist students with college needs.
Port St Lucie High School has an amazing administrative staff and fantastic programs, such as the band, dance team, and choir. Their food and facilities, however, could use an upgrade, which I believe may be coming within the next academic year. The school has recently taken steps to upgrade the appearance and academic quality of their institution. Overall, my experience with this school was a positive one, and I would recommend this school to anyone interested in music, as well as anyone that enjoys school spirit.
I loved the way school events were always set up. Everybody had an opportunity to be involved and through the announcements, everyone knew what was going on throughout the school. I spent high school all 4 years at PSLHS and was involved in cheer leading which was a great experience. Along with keeping up with my International Baccalaureate classes, I was building friendships with all kinds of people and relationships with my teachers in which I realized I could trust with everything. I have so many amazing memories, including ones from football games, baseball games and pep rallies. High School at Port St Lucie High School was definitely the best 4 years of my life.
The staff at PSLHS was outstanding, always looking out for the kids in school and looking to help when needed. very nice people but serious as well. they kept the school a fun and safe environment.
It's become a better school academically in the past couple of years since principal Ocampo came here.
I had a successful experience at Port St. Lucie High School. I enjoyed the medical academy and the ability to take college courses throughout the experience. I would recommend supplying healthier food for students and more sufficient security in case of emergencies.
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My experience had Port St. Lucie high school is great because it really changed me academically. The teachers at port. St lucie high really care and wants to succeed at everything you do. The guidance counslers at Port St. Lucie highschool stay on top of you and make sure your excelling at everything you need to. I wouldn’t want to change anything at Port St. Lucie high because everything is overall good and the time we get is wonderful.
During my time at PSLHS it was a great time to be a jaguar. Their is nothing but alot of loving and caring people who cares and support one another.
I have attended PSL high for the last three years. Mostly, I have been very happy with my experience there. However, I play volleyball and I wish that my coaches were more qualified. This goes for most of the sport coaches on campus.
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