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Port St. Joe High School Reviews

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Growinf up in Port St. Joe you have to get used to the small town vibes and what comes with it. Weather it be rumors or lies you have to be able to at least take whats gonna come to you. However, the school as a whole is an excellent place if you want your kids in a safe enviroment
I loved how there are no uniforms required to attend. It helps students in expressing themselves. However, the school has a very slow process and is not organized at all.
I liven PSJHS. You learn everything you need to know in order to succeed in college. They have lots of teachers who are willing to go above and beyond to help you.
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It is a very nice school with a lot to offer students. There are very kind people there that truly want to see students excel
My Schooling is very important to me. The teachers truly care about the students. I feel like i will be successful at college because i have determination and dedication. My education and future are the two most things to me not counting my family and God!
I've been at this school for almost four years and my only real complaint is that they tend to be very biased towards certain groups. The football team gets special treatment over anyother sport, and if you run track or play soccer you can forget about getting $1 of funding from them. Class wise I feel they do a good job preparing for college, there are no AP classes but there are Honors and dual enrollment. They need to fix the mold and ceilings though.
Port St. Joe High School has a great staff who who care solely about your education. It may be a small school, but I like it that way because all of the teachers are concerned about the students well being on a personal level. There are many opportunities for this small school that a lot of other schools don't have. The guidance office at this school is exceptional and are great with helping anyone prepare for the future.
The academics are pretty good. Teachers vary but grade fairly. Lots of chances to get extra help and the teachers are happy to help.
Everyone is nice, teachers and all. There are many different clubs you an join, sports to participate in. They really get you ready for college and give tips things to do and not to do. Let you know how the real world is going to be.
the opportunities aren't good, teachers don't care, and its a dangerous school.
they are all very nice but most have no idea what they are doing.
There are many extracurricular activities.
I love PSJHS, my favorite experience was Homecoming week and the Homecoming dance. I would go to this school again because they make learning fun.
My teachers have very good knowledge and take the time to help those who struggle.
Teachers at the school are nice and able to help any one who asks them to help
There are plenty of great opportunities available.
The science and math teachers were excellent, I learned so much from them. Port St Joe is a community of winners, this attitude is present in the school every day.
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I came from a "D" school to Port St Joe, which is an A+ school all the way! Nothing but great things to say about this school.
It's a great school and you learn something new everyday. I feel like they prepare you really good for college.
They are great teachers and help you prepare for the tests coming up.
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