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Port Richmond gave me the chance to improve myself academically and personality wise. One thing that needs to improve though is the support for ALL small learning communities and not just focusing on certain programs. We also need to improve on our graduation rates.
Port Richmond high school is a very good and safe school. I like the diversity and amount of different sport and clubs available at this school. The teachers are very good and care about the students. The academics are very good if you are in either the collegiate or gateway honors programs. There are many honors/ap classes to take as a honors student. Additionally, this school has a lot of school spirurt and is very invested in school social events such at dances and spirit weeks.
Had a great experience. Many great teachers. Was on volleyball team and formed a strong bond with team.
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As a parent of 2 children who attended Port Richmond high school I think they had good teachers, and have been prepared for college.
I like the availability of Advanced Placement classes. However I do not like the fact that we had a Principal (Oneatha Swindon) who made headlines in Daily News for fraud and was arrested and then eventually bailed out who made Seniors take unnecessary electives meanwhile I was limited on taking too many AP classes.
Port Richmond High School has treated me extremely well. As a transfer student from a bigger high school, I’ve never felt the term “family” applied to school. But ever since I came to PRHS, the community is extremely welcoming and caring; every teacher works their hardest to make PRHS the place to be.
I absolutely loved attending Port Richmond High School. In my four years of high school there from 2010-2014, I learned so much from my teachers and coaches. I was certainly well prepared for college and I would not trade the experiences I had for anything.
My experience at Port Richmond is great. Being a part of many activities such as sports like football and wrestling, and clubs like chess and debate have given me that chance to make a lot of friends. As long as you are active in the school, you will never be board in Port Richmond High School.
Really good school and changes too. Anyone who goes here will like it here, although i wish there were clubs to help our community.
There are so many things I like about Port Richmond. There are so many programs, opportunities, and clubs. I also really like that there is a culinary program at my school.
I love the friendly and warm atmosphere created by the teachers, students, and parents. School spirit is expressed all around the school and is seen in the school's presence of community service. The teachers prepare you above and beyond for college and your future career. There are numerous resources you can utilize to support you physically, emotionally, and financially.
Overall,I would say that the two years I have being at portrichmond, i have seen it blossom, and it’s students have started clubs to bring the school together. In fempower, their discussion as women’s rights and humanitarian rights. In helping hand, a new club, students are receiving help or aid has to what they can do to help their community. During the months of November and December, port hosts many community events the year starts of with the Breast cancer and Autism walk. Port hosts a forest dinner, were foster families come in two the school and they are served food and marching band plays music, but the members of the hub, a mentoring program, bring toys and they hand out gifts to the kids. At port I have experienced what a true community school feels like. The mission of Port Richmond is to provide all of its students with individualized challenges, opportunities, and resources to become lifelong learners and productive responsible citizens.
I am in the Gateway Honors program and have had an excellent experience throughout my four years there.
At Port Richmond High School, there is a sense of community. I have been involved with various clubs, afterschool programs, and countless other events. There are always adults willing to resolve conflicts in your education or social activities. One improvement to be made in this school would be to improve the security of the school and reduce the risk of altercations between students.
Port Richmond has given me great opportunities such as seeing Hamilton for free to a free YMCA membership but recently with the new principal there have been unfair and, what many feel, unnecessary rules.
I enjoy port Richmond high school because they provide the necessary tools for success to every student.
Nice place to send your kids to if you want them making lots of new friend and an friendly environment
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As a student at Port Richmond High School, I'm disappointed to inform you that it didn't rise to my expectations but actually harmed my learning capacity in many ways. I never found myself challenged enough, and there has always been a limited number of AP classes and clubs, which prevented many students from exploring different fields. Teachers are nice and friendly but lacked teaching skills that I found crucial for a teacher to be successful. You would always find yourself surrounded by students who won't take the class as seriously as you do. The neighborhood isn't safe and you can always learn more about that from the internet. It's very saddening for me to say but I don't recommend this school.
When I first came Too port richmond high school , I was intrigued by how involved they are with their students. The staff is very helpful.
I liked some of the people there. For example the teachers, and some of my individual friends. I would like to see the availability of more program classes for people in different programs.
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