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Port of Los Angeles High School Reviews

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It's a great school with great academics and teachers who truly care. Great community environment where students can thrive emotionally, socially, and academically. Teachers take time out to tutor students and ensure their success.
Port of Los Angeles High School is a great and small school in which you know everybody. All of the teachers and staff are very helpful and polite and want students to do their very best. The teachers, especially our college counseling counselors, prepare students well for college. Academics and teachers are a great part of the school, but the clubs and diversity of students are also another great part.
POLAHS is a very good school if you want a good education. My brothers went there and now am I. Im excited to see how POLAHS can help me achive my goals and help me get into the university of my dreams!
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Such a good school! It definitely challenges you and pushes you to be the best you can be. Most of the teachers are open and always there for students. The faculty are friendly and professional. The courses are difficult but it definitely prepares you for the difficult college life. College prep starts towards the end of junior year and picks up right away for senior year. Students are given the tools and opportunities for success.
The school is very small and has a tight-knit community of teachers and staff members. Everyone knows your name, even if you only meet them once. Some of my favorite teachers of all time come from this school and they are the people who have helped me with getting into college and putting my goals in check. Everyone there cares about the students, ensuring they have a safe and welcoming learning enviornment.
Most of the teachers taught well. The building is fairly small, so it's easy to get around. There's a garden in the back. Nice school overall.
The staff was great and helpful and the location was convenient, right off of the 110 freeway. The school lacked a gym for the students and there was not a lot of shade.
Before I graduated from Port of Los Angeles High School, the school had a very good reputation. Although it is a charter school, POLAHS offered a simulated college experience. Many of the classes provided a student with a good education as well as many extracurriculars the school has to offer. The athletic program is decent, with a variety of sports students can participate in (no football or track team). I am not sure about how POLAHS has changed every since I graduated.
Overall, Port of LA is bound to ready their students for college and provides resources for students to use to their advantage to help them in all their educational needs.
The best thing about Port of Los Angeles High School is how prepared all the teachers are to teach their students. They always make time to tutor any one who is having trouble understanding something even if the student has a different teacher.
POLAHS is such an amazing school. I feel very safe and comfortable when I come to school, which I believe is important.
A few things that I liked about Port of Los Angeles High School were the type of education, which is an excellent type of education. I also liked the amount of care the teachers show towards you and your education.
I love the teachers but I wish the programs were more based around the students. We often move on from topics before everyone (sometimes the majority) understands. This leads to lower test scores because no one understands the content because it moves so fast.
I like the school POLAHS very much because it is not so crowded. They can give more quality education because the number of students is limited. The school is well built, centralized airconditioned, thus very conducive for learning.
With the help of many teachers, I was able to attend my dream college and study Criminology. Not the typical "high school experience", but the academics ultimately made up for it. Definitely driven to help students prepare for college.
The teachers seemed genuinely interested in my progress and worked hard to focus on the students. The only critiques are that there is very little funding supplied for the arts and that the journalism program is having trouble keeping their faculty.
POLAHS is a relatively small school. By the time you graduate, you will know most of your batchmates and will make a lot of friends. There aren't a lot of clubs, but more and more clubs are being created every year (this year, they started the go-kart club). The teachers here are nicer and more personal than any other school in the area.
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POLAHS really prepares you for college. You can trust any staff remember, they're really friendly and great people in general. There's always free tutoring, even on Saturdays. Although the school lacks spirit, the academics and friendships are strong.
The College Counselors are super helpful; they are always available to answer questions and give advice on your future. Although the school preaches mental well being, they don't really address mental illnesses or even stress relief and I didn't find out there was even a phsychologist until the end of my junior year.
I started school at Port of Los Angeles High School 2'nd semester in 10th grade. I really enjoyed how welcoming and helpful the counselors were. Even though I was new I easily made friends as all the kids are very nice. Also there are so many opportunities for students to get involved in there school community. I think one thing POLAH should change is maybe the start time in the morning.
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