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Port Neches-Groves High School Reviews

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I attended Port Neches Groves High School for 4 years and was involved in sports and clubs. I feel like they gave me the tools I needed to succeed in college level courses , however I did feel like their concern was more focused on athletics.
Personally I think PNG has always been challenging in their academics department and really prepare students for college. They are really helpful and generous. Although, football is idolized at PNG they still try and fund the arts.
My experience at Port Neches Groves high school has been very memorable. The athletics and academics have made my high school years unforgettable. I’ve had hard and stressful times, but I wouldn’t want to attend any other school.
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I am a high school senior at PNG and I believe the school has great culture and tradition, along with allowing the students to be College ready.
I also feel the school is very unfair towards certain decisions.
My experience at Port Neches-Groves was exciting and an eventful time. The school spirit towards all of the sports and academics were phenomenal. There's honestly nothing I would want to change about this school.
Png is like most other high school. There are the popular people, the nerds, the jocks, the no ones, and the band geeks. Mostly we all get along ,but there is bound to be people that don't get along. I would say the best thing about our school is the school spirit; almost all of us bleed purple and white. The Friday night games are the best. The band, the crowd and football players are all hyped to take on our rivals for the night.
My experience at Port Neches-Groves High school was different. It was different because it prepared me for the real world. There were several teachers that tried to get you to teach yourself the information and it really has helped me to become independent. What I really like about this school is its school spirit. Since my freshman year, I was proud to say I was a PNG Indian. At school events like games, you get to feel the excitement from the crowd, especially our student section. Besides the spirit, I like this school because of its education. The education here is difficult but it makes you more smart. Our education is most likely more difficult than some of the other schools around us in our area. I do like the challenge this school brings upon us students.
I have loved my experience at PNG-HS so far. One of the things that I love most about this campus is the vast number of organizations that there are. There is most likely something for you to do at this school.
My experience at this school has been great. The teachers always are trying to help you do your best & we have a great academic program here.
Port Neches-Groves High School is a great school. It has so far prepared me to be ready to take on the real world. The teaching is great reason being there aren't many kids in the call room making 1 on 1 easy if needed. The teachers are always there for tutorials in the morning or afternoon. The school spirt is the best thing in the world here at Port Neches-Groves High School. The students are so supportive in any sport or club that is going on. I wouldn't change my four years of being there for anything!
I have been enrolled in school at Port Neches - Groves since I was in kindergarten. I have had some great experiences that have really brought me out of my shell as a student and expanded my way of thinking about different things. I am currently active in the soccer athletics program at Port Nehes - Groves(PNG) and have been involved with it since my freshman year of high school. Soccer has been my life while I have been enrolled at PNG and I am truly blessed to have such a fantastic soccer coach. He has been a crucial part of my development as a player and as a young adult. My teachers here at PNG have all been phenomenal I have grown to look up slto several of my past and current teachers whom I still keep up with and seek council with if I have a question about anything I think that they could guide me in the correct path on. I am honored to have had the privilege of going to school here and look forward to the rest of my time here at PNG. Go Indians!
PNG offers an incredible amount of extracurricular activities. Key Club, DECA, HOSA, Student Council, Foreign Language Clubs, Primetime, Choir, Band, Criminal Justice Club, Fishing Team, and many more. Indianettes is ver popular as well as all the athletic organizations.
PNG provides facilities for a safe educational environment.
PNGHS offers a variety of student activities. Students are encouraged & helped so they will succeed. Students of PNG are very proud of their school and strive to be successful in all they do.
High school is the best thing. You have more freedom than middle school and the activities are fun, for example prom, Indianettes, NHS etc.
The teachers at Port Neches- Groves High School are very good. They are always there to help a student and teach in a way that is understandable.
I wouldn't have wanted to attend any other high school.
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I enjoyed my time at this school. The school is somewhat cliquish, but I think that's a part of every school system and it essentially pushed me to do more school related activities in order to make friends and fit in.
Most teachers are approachable and are willing to help students in any way they can. There are a few teachers that teach straight from the text book and don't incorporate real world examples in their teaching. The majority do provide these examples and even provide students with demonstrations and class projects to provide a better understanding of the topic.
I myself am involved in several extra curricular activities such as Choir, Jazz Band, and French Club. With all of these activities, I have learned to work well with others and have a working perspective. The administration fully supports our activities and has the same commitment as the students to strive for success.
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