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Port Jervis Senior High School Reviews

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I feel that this is a very great school. The teachers and administrators really gear themselves toward making sure students will be as successful not just in school, but in the future as well and they really care about our well being.
Port Jervis high school is a very close community school. Everyone here knows each other and the teachers have taught some of my classmates parents or at least went to school with them.
Overall my 4 years at this high school were great. The teachers truly care about their students success. Sports were great, specially football which the games received support from everyone in town, students and residents alike. The school adopted the SUPA( Syracuse University Project Advance) program, which allows students to take college courses while in high school. This program allowed me and my peers to enter college with 2nd year status.
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I love it there because I am a junior they have good food a good library a good gym great teachers and great nurse as great principal
Teachers go out of their way to help other students and other programs. However, the arts need more support.
I like my teachers and my friends. I dislike the food, the unsafe, unsanitary conditions, and the scheduling of classes. They should improve their class schedules and buy or make better food.
I liked how interactive and close the teachers and students were. I would like to see more programs that the students could partake in however.
I liked Port Jevis High School because they always had a caring staff. Especially the nurse whom cared and watched over my son who is Type 1 when needed. Never complained. She is a great person whom taught my son to hold you head up high, fight and never give up.
The downrun of Port Jervis High School is the behavior in some coaching with sports. Not teaching kids the correct way they should be learning. Setting an example. Getting every player to be their best if they are playing for the school team and preparing them for college or the real world mentally and physically. It seem like who you know or just a one man show. I love to see changes there and so would several other parents. Otherwise, Port is a great school and my kids love it there and have no problems
Port Jervis High School serves as a great learning environment. The teachers provide a lot of support and are willing to stay after school to give you extra support.
The teachers go out of their way to make sure that students understand the topics that are being taught
Parents will be parents, but here they seem to be pretty awesome parents!
I love all my teachers they really are great. They just want to see everyone succeed!
I have never felt unsafe in the school or school grounds.
There are many sports to choose from as well as art and music clubs. There are many activites for diverse tastes.
I had the opportunity to be involved in many extra curricular activities such as baseball and basketball. The national honor society allowed me to give back to the community as well as find areas of interest.
Many of the teachers stay after school to help students master class materials and take an interest in how you are doing both in and out of school.
Port Jervis high school has a zero tolerance rule when it comes to bullying. After attending a NYC school where you had to walk through metal detectors, had your cellphones confiscated, horrible gang violence, Port Jervis high school was a slice of heaven for me. I have never felt so safe and welcomed in a school before.
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Port Jervis High School offers many diverse extracurricular activities. Many sports, such as: football, baseball, track & field, cross country, golf, softball, wrestling. They offer many clubs such as: foreign language clubs, golf, art club, music, photography. Each student who has dedicated their passion and time into after school activities has gone on to fantastic schools with scholarships such as myself (Berkeley College, Midtown NYC).
My overall experience at Port Jervis high school was fantastic. One of my favorite experiences at this high school were the food drives, toys for tots, DECA fundraisers and my trip to the culinary institute of america. This high schools desire to make every student feel important, comfortable and prosper to succeed goes farther than most schools. Coming from a high school in New York City (Grover Cleveland High School) where I was just another person walking around the school, unnoticed, Port Jervis High School went above and beyond for me being a transfer student. If I could do my high school years over again, I most definitely would.
All teachers I have encountered in my years of attending Port Jervis Senior High School have been phenomenal. They go above and beyond for all students!
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