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its a great school, great teachers,faculty and excellent security. graduated from Port Isabel High School in 2012 had the best teachers and a great principal. now i have my sister in her junior year and theirs no doubt the PIHS still the best high school
Everything about my school was awesome!! There weren't any problems I had with this school, during my 4 years. The only thing i would actually change would be the way the treat the Athletic and Band Deparement, they shouldve been treated equally together.
Port Isabel High School is very unique, but mostly can be very strict about certain agendas.
I do reccommend attending this school, although I wish they could help more with out of high school experienced.
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Learned so much about what life is all about, as well as what school is all about. It really resembles many things that you deal with in real life. I also want to thank all the professors and staff that supported me.
Port Isabel high school’s academics and athletics is great! The teachers care for their students grades and how they are doing overall. They work with you as well. The staff is comforting and funny.
I have had a very well experience in my years at PIHS. The teachers are are excellent at their jobs and they'll go above and beyond to help students to do better in their classes.
I liked my teachers. However, I would like to see more discipline in the things that matter. For example, instead of focusing on what the kids are wearing I would like to see more focus on how well they are taking in the information from the classes.
Port Isabel High School provides a wide range of opportunities. They offer AP courses as well as many dual enrollment courses. The staff are there to help students achieve their goals.
The school is pretty strict in my opinion. That's because I consider myself a good student and when they restrict the most random things I question it. The nurse is not allowed to give medicine of any kind to students unless granted permission by a parent or Doctor. I know because I had a migraine one day and she let me suffer. I believe my school is pretty safe. Given that it's not in the best location.
There are little to none after school activities. There are only Spanish club and recycling club. The most popular extra curricular is DECA and the second most is FCCLA. I've been in both and for the most part I enjoyed DECA more. There's also student council, national honor society, and junior leadership all of which I have an active role in and they're very engaging towards student life and helping the community. Band is also an extra curricular at this school and for the most part is cherished among the band students. Sports are the main talk around town. They are generally the go to event each week. I believe it's because the community is involved also. There's a lot of stereotypic "soccer moms"/ parents in general.
My school experience is very different from most students at my school. I love being involved. One of my favorite school experience was being on the girls soccer team. I basically joined by default. There was a scheduling conflict and I had to take their athletic period. With no experience with soccer and a strong disliking of the sport, the year began and I had to work out with them and do their drills and so on. In disbelief I ended up building a strong with the team and enjoying the sport. As the year went on the head soccer coach started noticing some potential in me and asked if I would like to join. Although I was getting good, I felt I wasn't good enough. The coach promised me I would get better so I took his word for it. I ended up as a varsity starter middle defender. We ended the season as 2nd in district and went to the third round in playoffs. We were area champs and made out town proud. Because the girls soccer team had only been organized 2 years prior, there was a lot of buzz around our young team. What makes my school unique is that it is located in a very small town. Everyone is related and is treated like family. I wouldn't change anything. I would press rewind to relive my experiences at this school.
The quality of teachers at this school is great. I've definitely learned everything I needed to this year. The teachers are very understanding and are flexible when it comes to your schedule. They're always there when you need them regarding your grades and assignments. Many of my AP teachers were very knowledgable in the subject they were teaching and their curriculum was top knotch. They expected very much but also took into consideration our busy schedules regarding student like and other teacher's assignments.
Some students do tend to use drugs. The security is good.
I would never go there again.
Some teachers pick favorites but the rest are excellent in their teaching abilities.
The teachers get the students involved and no one gets left behind. We also use lots of technology in most classes which helps with less paper or papers being lost but it makes it easier to track the work of students. Teachers like when he students get involved. For instance, if a student has an idea on how we should study for a test the teacher will help us out on that, so we could understand the material more and pass the test with an excellent grade.
No one bad could get in and students are well known
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Everyone loves to stay for an extra hour of practice.
Love all my teachers at school
The academic level of this school is excellent. There are teachers that are willing to go the extra mile and help you succeed. Here at Port Isabel High School we are very manageable and there are ways for you to advance as a student. We ave gotten nation recognition for out stellar academics. and continue to impress with our extremely high test scores
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