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Port Huron Northern is full of caring staff and sweet kids. Humans who recognize flaws and work to fix eachother. I feel safe in my school thanks to the staff and resource officer, and I trust I can go about my day without fear. This school has provided me with everything I need, and all you need to get through is your will to provide the characteristics of work ethic and readiness. Often advertisement for further involvement are seen and their is an endless supply of colleges visiting and college visit field trips for seniors. I believe this school will throughly prepare me for the future.
Although small Port Huron is a very tight net community where everyone knows everyone. When my family had first moved to the area we felt right a way welcomed to the community. Northern has exuberant teachers that help students get more involved in the school and community. My anatomy teacher got me exposed to tree club where we help make our school look nicer and is more green. One thing I wish Northern had more is diversity and various differe
My experience at Northern has had good options for students such as college options and job readiness outside of Northern’s walls. However northern tends to be subpar on preparing students for college with the school walls and creating a welcoming environment for all students, leading us to be have issues with diversity. The school recently got a bond to create a better learning environment and implemented student lead changes to create a more welcoming environment. However, these changes are new and Northern still has a lot of work to do.
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Although there are many good teachers at school, it's always the bad ones that stick out. For example, I had an AP teacher who was more concerned with his students liking him than actually giving us enough work to succeed on an AP level.
I liked the clubs and activities available at Northern, but the diversity and college readiness was not good
It's a very nice school and I really like the fact that there's teachers who care about each and every student. Some improvements I'd like to see are the school lunches, prepping students for college/university, and homework assignments. With better lunches, there won't be as many students trying to sneak off campus to buy food from other places since this is a closed campus. Our college adviser had to leave early so it seemed hard for me to get all the information that I needed. As for homework, some teachers give us time-consuming homework that seemed unnecessary and the extra time could've been spent on other things so that it all balances out.
Port Huron Northern is a great school with amazing staff! I believe that the addition of the engineering wing will be a tremendous asset for the students.
The teachers and education is good. Although the school has a lot of cliques and some teachers add to the cliques.
I like how the teachers are easy to get along with for the most part. The administration needs to pull their heads out of their bums, seeing as a lot of people smoke unpunished in the bathrooms and the admins know about it. The school needs better curriculum and more actually CARING staff who CARE about their jobs. Counselors shouldn't be telling students who have issues to "go away", "I'm busy", "you're just paranoid", "you're just trying to get out of class", or sending students who are in the middle of a PANIC ATTACK back to class when they're not ready. I've experienced this personally and found going to the Assistant Principal better than going to my counselor because the Asst. Principal actually helps. I also have a friend whose experienced crappy treatment from the counselors.

I'm not involved in any clubs except Mock Trial and Renissance Club. I wish there was a Powerlifting Team, and more interesting clubs.
Great teachers and environment! Teachers and staff always willing to help and guide students in the correct path for life and school.
northern has really good teacher that want to see you succeed, but there is teachers who have zero care in the world for the students.
Port Huron Northern provided me with a variety of experiences. There were many class offerings, club choices, athletics and a chance to dual enroll in our local community college. I can honestly say that I've had a good experience.
Seemed like a great school, but did not prepare myself (a student) for college. Struggled going from AP classes (5 total AP classes taken and passed) to real college courses at Michigan Tech. Would recommend college minded students to look elsewhere or constantly challenge themselves outside of class.
This school has a lot of positives to look at, including a very good staff, and some very good sports teams coaches. The overall view of the school is good, and is in a good location.
Your experience at PHN is completely dependent on how willing you are to get involved. The more you put yourself out there and join a club or a sport, the more you are likely to make lasting friendships and enjoy your 4 years at an otherwise painfully average school. The band, marching band, choir, and drama club programs are very inclusive and a great place to start as an incoming freshman.
My experience at Port Huron Northern High School was honestly the best. They made you feel welcome. You never had to try to fit in, there was always a place for everyone no matter what it was.
I have loved being a Husky for the past four years! For our school being a larger school, the faculty and staff do a fantastic job of shrinking it and making everyone feel like they matter. I have been offered great opportunities while at Northern including high level courses and a variety of extracurricular activities too.
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Although the school definitely could improve some aspects of conduct among students and teachers, I was provided with a great education!
This school is probably the safest high school by far. However, there is a lot of drug use among the students. It's our second year of free lunch for every student because most of our kids are in poverty. I love the teachers, but they are all stressed from poor treatment by their bosses and my peers. I'm involved in a lot of AP classes, which are great! But the regular courses can be sub-par. I barely remember much from them. The food is bad. We don't get very much to eat, but at least we don't run out of food like they did at Fort Gratiot Middle School. I'd often go without a lunch there.
This school has been the best experience a person could ask for! It has the best teachers and all around staff ever!
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