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I loved Port Huron High School! Great, friendly staff! Super grateful to have been part of such a great school!
Port huron high school really has a lot of parent involvement and community support. They teach the students the importance of community service, they really help students to prepare for life after high school by helping to introduce colleges, trade schools, and careers. They are known as the port huron big reds, and have a saying....Once a Big Red, always a Big Red.
Honestly, it was an okay high school. The people were great and so were the teachers but the textbooks were outdated or useless. The school focused a lot of their funds on sports rather than expanding the course options for students. They didn't offer any courses past AP Physics 1 or Calc AB. I was pretty much stuck with having to take dual enrollment classes at the community college to get credit for Calc 2. On the other hand, at least they knew they were lacking in course options and the supplied a dual enrollment option. The school didn't prepare me for college at all but I've heard that they have gotten better since I left.
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Port Huron High School isn't just a high school, it's a community. Everyone comes together and makes everyone feel wanted and special. The diversity creates a sense of belonging. I am so proud of my alma mater.
Faculty members, teachers in particular, are very passionate and hard working in their fields. Just by walking in the front doors, the atmosphere is filled with Big Red pride and passion. Passion to learn and grow as students, and as leaders.
Port Huron High School is a great school and they have an even better community. Everyone within the building is always willing to help. They have a diverse group of students who all have learned how to work together to create a great community in the high school and in the school district.
All of my teacher's had a vested interest in my studies and were determined that I learn to the fullest extent.
Port Huron High School offers good opportunities and has many resources for students. I would like to see more community involvement in the school, as well as better cafeteria food. If the school were to host an event with the community, for some sort of fund raiser or just for fun, I feel like it would bring everyone together just a little more.
I personally love the fact that I was welcomed to a school that was very accepting. The whole Port Huron area school district helped me learn many different aspects and subjects that will apply to my future college life that makes me very appreciative for attending Port Huron High School. The fact that my teachers and staff stay involved with helping each and every student is the reason why I love Port Huron High School.
Port Huron High School is in a small area. My experience at Port Huron high has been great though. High School is very much what you make it. I am a very involved student and have participated in many sports and events that make high school great. For such a small area with not so much money Port Huron High School does a great job at what it needs to do, provide education. I have leaned many interesting things in my three and a half years at the school and I have met many people and have gotten close to many. One thing that Port Huron High School, I believe, could work on is college readiness. I think that the topic of college readiness could go for all schools in the district though. The district should start college readiness at a younger age. The staff and faculty of Port Huron High School is very nice and welcoming and I am very glad that Port Huron High School is the school I have been a part of.
Port Huron high school is the biggest family I've ever been a part of. The Big Red Pride is something I don't think I will ever be able to forget!
My experience so far at Port Huron High School has been good of course there is good days and bad days but it is probably the best time I have had. I'm actually excited to go back to school this fall. Couldn't have asked for such a great Big Red family. I found where I fit in really quick at PHHS. - Junior '19 at PH
Port Huron High School has its faults but what is really outstanding is the sense of family and community. Students will band together to help one another out! Whether you're in band, art, sports, or student council, everyone welcomes you with open arms.
100% would have been nice to have more college prep but unfortunately we did not and our college advisor was not a help.
My first year attending Port Huron high I would have to say that I have learned a lot. The teachers that teach at Port Huron High all have a close bond with their students, and that bond makes it so the children that attend want to go to school and want to learn because the teachers make it fun and exciting. My past year's of attending any of school was nothing compared to the one single year I have been attending this school. It's just something about how they do it just brings the joy back into going to school.

The sports teams at Port Huron High are one of the best I would say. They try hard even if they lose , and they know that it's not all about winning , what they have been taught is fairness , Loyalty to the team and just to have fun while doing it.

Port Huron High is training us to be young and responsible adults, and i think they are doing an amazing job
They tried. It's hard though. people aren't exactly jumping out of their seats to support education in this town. sadly most don't care. they're all just looking for r a way to earn an extra buck. the smart students were smart but they were also rare. so rare that most teachers have given up. they've lost sight of why they became an educator. our school district is so uptight about standardized testing and making teachers pass all their students that they don't realize how much they are actually hurting us. they ones who genuinely want to learn are tossed aside because teachers are too busy playing babysitter to those who don't care. all the students missed out on a proper education. so many basic things were never taught to them. the valedictorian didn't know what the word conception meant and that was normal. that was us. that was Port Huron High School.
In my experience at Port Huron High School, most teachers have been kind and helpful but a few have not, regardless a stronger focus on teaching students information to prepare them for life after high school rather than simply getting students to pass their classes would be better for the students. The environment is extremely spirited and encouraging thanks to the students which has then encouraged me to confidently join many new programs
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Port Huron High has some great teachers that actually enjoy teaching while others do not care whether their students succeed or not. The school is often dirty and many students fight and damage things. Sports and athletics are great with football games and basketball games.
I liked Port Huron High because of the way things ran, in the four years of walking the halls I didn't see social classes, I saw classmates walking and talking with other classmates not based upon stereotypes. Also for the fact of no matter what students had going on in their personal lives at home they always had that one teacher they could confide in that they knew wouldn't judge them. I would like to see a change in how Port Huron High handles getting ready to go into the real world, as a junior I stressed out severely on how I was going to get to college and what I could do to secure any opportunity I could in my field choice, they told me to wait till senior year to start making those decisions. Now as a senior I have picked a major, a college, and a plan for after college. I feel they should have more lectures about the next steps after high school.
I loved the atmosphere. We are proud of who we are and are one big family. Big red pride is always down inside. We are the best school in Michigan, bar none as our old super intendant would say. As always, let's go Big Reds!
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