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Port Gibson High School Reviews

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I loved the awesome teachers, they always make sure i understand my lesson. I also love the privileges we get.
Ive been a member of this school for 4 years. All years have been fun but there was also some hard times too. I love port gibson. Born and raised there and the school and environment is warm and ive met life long friends. Thumbs up!
That was an amazing school to attend. I enjoyed all 4yrs there from Academics to Athletics. The Port Gibson High school has an outstanding education department to enhance learning skills in students. The atmosphere of the school is great as well!
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Port Gibson High School is a really nice school. We have numerous of talented students that attend school here.
Everyone gets along no matter what race it is. Nobody forces anyone to do something they don't want to do.
Coaches are great coaches. The club founder are dedicated
I love PGHS. if I had a chance, iwouldnt mind doing it again. Teachers are great. We have variety of personalities there which makes our school unique and interesting. We're like family.
All the teachers there are very good at what they do. They are also fun. They know when to joke around when to get serious.
The students and teachers at this school makes it unique. why cause it fun at times there.
Well the teachers at my school are always helping with kids thats struggling and they are very friendly and lovable. They make sure everyone in the class has it before moving on in other words the teachers has respect for every student in the class. Also the teach show equal conduct in classroom.
They put us on lock down when a fight breaks out.
I would choose it because it's very educational.
The teachers at my school are very knowledgeable.
The state department has recently taken over, so as of now they are really strict.
It's mostly made up of African Americans.
It's only like three teachers that go above and beyond.
They take care of the athletes.
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There are a wide variety of extra-curricular activities.
They don't have a lot of books in the classrooms.
The cafeteria suppose to be healthy and fresh... well let's just say spoiled food is not the only way to catch flies.
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