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Port Edwards High School Reviews

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I would have to say that I am very grateful for having gone to this school my whole school career so far because it is a great district that will help you with anything you need so long as you ask. It has a great community around it too because I went from having no friends in the area to finding a lot of great friends who share a lot in common with me. When I started my freshmen year of high school I was quite scared because it actually starts to decide your future so I didn't want to fail at anything. The teachers here are some of the most understanding people I have ever meet anywhere they will help you with anything. They will even make accommodations to assignments if you have anything that could prohibit you from completing something on time. Overall my experience with going to Port Edwards High School was amazing and I wouldn't change to a different school no matter what.
The staff goes through many measures to make sure the health and safety policies are top notch. The protocol for many topics such as bullying, personal safety, and special security measures are carefully designed to meet all requirements and to ensure the best for all students.
The extracurriculars at this school are okay because there are not many options to choose from. This being said the extracurricular activities that are present are run very well and have good leadership. Not much money goes into these clubs yet they still offer many fun events and activities to participate in. Most popular extracurriculars at my school would definitely be sports groups. Next would be clubs and organizations such as Tech. Ed. Club, Student Council, National Honors Society, and Drama.
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My experience at this school was one that I wouldn't change for the world. The relationships I made with both my peers and the teachers are ones that will last the rest of my life. I feel as if I am a step a head academically for attending this school. The fact that the class size is so small really enabled me to get hands on work with the teachers. Overall this school gave me the tools necessary both as a person and as a student to be the best that I can be.
Most of the teachers at the high school I attended care a lot for the students. They interact with students through more than just the textbook and really get to know each student for who they are as a person. This creates a very personal, caring environment to learn and grow. The teaching style can become monotonous with most teachers just talking at you. Also I feel as if the application and real life use of a lot of the topics we go over aren't utilized in class.
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