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Port Clinton High School is a wonderful school. The teachers are deeply invested in the lives of their students and truly do care. They do have good resources and use them to their advantage.
I only went for my senior year and participated in sports while I was there. The student body and faculty made me feel like I wasn't some outcast from a California school and they made me feel like I had been there since elementary school. The clubs offered were some I had never seen before and were very interesting. Easily an 8 out of 10 experience.
Port Clinton High School is one of the best high schools in our area. Everyone should feel very welcome and accepted there!
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I like that there are a variety of classes I can take. I also like that sense it is a bigger school all of my classes are different and it is easier to meet new people.
Small school with a lot of small-town politics with clubs, sports etc. There is not a lot of opportunities being offered there, you have to help yourself prepare for the real world and college essentially.
The school used to not be so bad when I went there. My children are another story. Nasty teachers nasty principal and nasty environment all around. Way too many rules . You can t breath wrong or your in trouble. The choir teacher was an A__! I m ok with rules and discipline but they carry it wY too far. I decided that home schooling was going to be for my last two children Anything as not to look at PCHS again!
Overall it is an amazing school with an amazing community that comes together in a time of need. It is small enough that everyone knows everyone, everyone has a friend. A major advantage really is being a small school, because we easily come together. My school spreads pride in every way we can. You are able to see everyone at every sporting event, every dance, every pep rally. The second you walk into Port Clinton High School, you will get a feeling around you that just knows it is the sense of home. Teachers are outstanding with their guidance and support inside and outside the classroom. Without a doubt you will see them at the games too and wishing you luck before each one. Port Clinton High School is a place where you can be yourself and people will accept you, again being a small school helps everyone just connect. I have never been so proud to call myself a Port Clinton Redskin!
Touch of Class is excellent
There used to be a police officer who was constantly at the school, but they did away with that. However the local police station is within 15 minutes from the school and the local hospitality is literally across the street from the high school. The nurse is usually available but is at the middle school for the diabetic students there. The doors are all locked from the outside and we have cameras ALL OVER the school.
Many of the Extracurricular activities for the school are in fact not after school, but before school. Throughout the school year you see majority of the students participating in events hosted by some of our clubs and organizations. We do a blood drive twice during the school year which has a great turn out and is an awesome experience for the members of Future Professionals of Medicine.
I loved every second that I was at Port Clinton. My peers were always looking out for each other, even if they didn't really know the person. We were a small school but still a family. We each supported each other, especially our high school athletic teams. Every Friday night you would find majority of the students and parents at the sporting events. We Are PC! Proud to be a Redskin Alumni!
Most of the teachers were very effective when it came to their teaching styles, knowledge and interest in the students. Every teacher graded differently, some accepted late work and some did not, some graded on a curve and some did not. The teachers are there for the student and care for their well-being. Majority of the teachers wanted to see you succeed.
Port Clinton High School provides students with many different experiences that you may not get at other schools. My favorite experiences are putting on homecoming, celebrating teacher appreciation week, working with the mental handicap students, and our pep rallies. My school is unique because its all about athletics and academics, every single one of the teachers are kind, helpful, and energetic. I would choose this school again because it is all about our community and its a welcoming place. Its a good place to expand a grow as a student and person.
The lunch options are typical of any high school. It's edible and usually tastes fine. There are not very many options, but what is provided is usually decent.
There are some students who are always in trouble and there are some students who get away with a lot of things. It just depends on what type of student you are and where you come from.
There are a lot of students that participate in sports, probably half of the student population. Although all sports are not attending State every year, we do excel in swimming and soccer!
The teachers are willing to help students at all times. They are very friendly and reliable. The only problem is gossip between teachers about students, which is attributable to it being such a small town.
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There were plenty of opportunities for students to get involved in a sport, music class or group, theater, pre-health professionals, or leadership opportunities. One of the most recognized extracurricular is Leadership Council in which students meet weekly to host and plan events at the school. Some of these events include Homecoming activities, Rachel's Challenge, or community service.
Being in a small town, it is difficult to truly teach the students what it is like to be in the "real world". From an academic standpoint, there is a large portion of the school population who will most likely take minimum wage jobs and stay in town for the rest of their lives. There are students, however, who are able to take the upper level courses and even college classes that go on to achieve great things. There is a lack of opportunity for those who do not have future career goals to think about their future and take the upper level classes.
Teacher here help[ when we need them and are usually good with communication. Most teachers no what they are talking about. Also all teachers have different teaching styles.
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