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I like the atmosphere and the way that teachers interacted with students the most about this school, however I think that it could use a little bit more space to fit the large amount of students it houses. There simply is just no room to walk around!
For the most part decent teachers. Some are absolutely amazing; however, some are a bit off and not the best, but the councilors are understanding and help you out. The building needs repairs and its overcrowded, but the students are pretty nice and there are a lot of opportunities academic and extracurricular wise.
My experience at Port Chester Senior High School has been up and down. The food is not good at all but the staff and some administrators are good people and some teachers geuinely care about you and the guidence counselors do whatever is neccessary to help you.
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I love PCHS! Its an amazing school. I love the diversity in the school and also the village! It deserves a better rating.
I went to PCHS four years ago and am grateful for certain aspects, but not of others. I was happy we had such a diverse student body. It allowed me to learn to work with students and teachers of different backgrounds. However, I felt the school didn't really prepare me for college. I was at the top of my class and wish there was more training for college level classes.
It was a great experience. Of course it was challenging as well. All of the teachers I had were very good.
I love everything from PCHS, but what I like more is that they care about us, I mean they try to help us in any ways.
As a student from Port Chester High School, I have developed a love for the amount of diversity seen on campus. Diversity creates a whole different environment and community as the students came to learn from different students from different cultures. The only issue with the school would be the over crowding. There are huge population kids in the school. 3,000+ population while the population should be around 1,000 kids.
What I like about Port Chester High School is that there is a lot of diversity which makes the students feel welcomed and accepted. Also, there are extra cirricumulm activities that are offered by this high school. Additionally, I like the fact that they offer rigorous classes/programs such as IB and AP classes.
It’s overly populated, hallway are always crowded. Children don’t have the resources they need but at the end of the day everyone is a family and helps each other out
The school is overcrowded, security staff are not nicest when it comes to leaving campus , and the food is pretty bad. I liked most of my teacher in my time here.
I loved the overall experience in PCHS! It has the best staff and is one of the most diverse schools that I know of. It's latest accomplishment is its IB program which is such an honor for such a small town school!
My experience at Port Chester High, the last three years have been incredible. First off, this school screams diversity, as many kids in the high school come from many different countries. The teachers take their jobs very serious and likes to see the students succeed not only in their specific class much in school, college and life in general.
Port Chester High School doesn't prepare you for college. Certain teachers have the passion to teach but others don't. The cheer-leading and the marching band is the important part of the school.
A fairly great school where teachers do want to see you succeed academically. Overall, you have to work hard to be on top which is a great motivation for many students who want to be better for themselves and their future. What should be changed is how carefully teachers should be chosen. I've had teachers who weren't a great help to the subject and made it very difficult to my peers and myself.
I really enjoyed my time in high school. You had your ups and downs but thats high school. I'm happy to say that i'll miss the experiences.
My experience in Port Chester for the past few years was amazing because there was great teachers and people that care about your success just have to meet the right people.
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My experience has been wonderful exciting serious and has taught me how to grow and learn to be an educated respectful young man setting positive goals towards my future and present. The counselors teachers and staff all care about my wellbeing and my education. I will truly miss my school, my friends, teachers and staff when I walk down the last road to receive my diploma with pride and honor and thank everyone for a job well done.
What I liked about Port Chester High School was how diverse it was and all the different kinds of cultures I got see.
Port Chester High School was a pretty good school. I have never failed any classes and I always had great opportunities to be in different clubs and sports. I was always surrounded by people with great energy. The courses were very fair and manageable. The thing that I'd like to see change is the physical school itself. It is way too small for all the students to be in there. We are simply overcrowded and have been trying to expand the school but we cannot. I really love that school and the teachers because they were very involved and hands on since they wanted to see you succeed. I always had administrators and teachers motivating me to do my best.
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