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The teachers and administration are overall very friendly and helpful. There is a lack of funding that affects some aspects of the education provided. The biggest issue present is the lack of upper level science classes.
Both the students and the teachers are very disrespectful. The lessons are not taught thoroughly nor well most of the time. The good ratings convinced my family to enroll my sister and I into the high school, however we are all EXTREMELY disappointed and now realize that the good reviews are simply wrong. There are only two classes that I don’t absolutely hate going to out of nine. Definitely would NOT recommend enrolling your child here. There is plenty of drug use and threats.
Because the high school offered many extracurricular activities, the education was not the best it could have been. Not many teachers seemed to care about the well-being of the students and did not seem qualified to be in the position they were at.
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Great student body, hower, if you’re looking for a school with outstanding academics this is not the place. There are about 10 teachers who are really good, then just don’t push there kids. In terms of helping me along with the college admissions procress and helping me get in to the schools I want it is horrible, the lady in charge of that sector has no idea what she is doing. The clubs, however, are fantastic. There is a ton of diversity with them and lots to choose from. A lot are a little unorganized, but that’s fine. Our Model United Nations team is amazing and ranks alongside a lot of the other top MUN schools.
Overall good high school experience. Great variety of classes including honors and AP classes. Another bonus is being next to the technical college which offers many dual enrollment opportunities. Many of my teachers have been extremely helpful. The high school campus itself is older and out of date.
Being at Port Charlotte High means having to fight, and I don't mean physically. We are constantly minimized by our outward appearance and--let's be honest--we're not the prettiest. The school's design is older than the teachers here and we're clearly not the richest. As a student, you constantly have to defend your position to those of other schools, who know nothing about the opportunities that lie here.

The school has exhibited an immense amount of pride, integrity, and spirit towards their students and one another. Staff and teachers are SUPER supportive of your pursuits and interests, doing whatever they can to help you; most of the time you'll find multiple copies of scholarships and college offers posted all over the hallway walls. Whether you are an athlete, academically-inclined, musical, artistic or whatever, there is always something for YOU.
Positive overall experience with both children at PCHS. Some incredibly excellent teachers, however, some of the teachers with tenure seem to checked out prior to their actually retiring. Excellent school spirit!
Simple no frills school. The teaching staff is there to assist you and teach you as long as you put forth the effort to learn. They have been there for a long time so there are no free rides. Athletic driven school, money is poured into those activities and the coaches and especially the parents take it very very serious. The typical southern school really.
The amount of pride and spirit at my school is unmatched in comparison to any other high school in our district. The staff encourages involvement- whether it be in sports, clubs/organizations, and even reminding students to reach out for assistance when necessary. The only thing I wish to change would be the overall appearance of the environment. I think having the creativity and talent of the students involved in the fine arts programs would give their hard work attention and liven up the place we spend the most time at.
The school has great potential. There are a few teachers who truly love their job and the music/arts/language programs are seriously underrated for the work they produce. I think if the student body was better managed due to the downfall in good behavior and if the administrative staff did a better job of working with the students to provide a well-mannered, safe environment instead of taking privileges away, the school could thrive.
I recently moved to Port Charlotte in November of 2017. Coming from a different school, I was able to depict the differences from the old school, to my current one. Port Charlotte High School is a very nice school. The facility is nice and caring, the students aren't the friendliest, but academically, Port Charlotte is as a slower pace than my old school. As a junior I was taking senior and college classes and now that I am a senior, I am taking all college and AP classes. The facility was more than generous in the ways they helped me adjust to my new school.
I like doing sports at Port Charlotte High and I also like the spirit. I would like to change the teachers attitudes, most teachers don't seem interested in teaching. Most teachers just pass out a worksheet and have us work on it while they just sit at their desk on their phones. I'd like to learn, see a teacher enjoy teaching.
Many of the teachers and staff appeared to be passionate about their jobs and were quite helpful in advancing my education.
I love mostly everything about it. The clubs, sports, people, and school spirit made this school so loving for me.
A great school and a safe environment. The teachers cared a lot and there was so much school spirit. Once a pirate always a pirate!
What I like about Port Charlotte High Schoolois that there is so much diversity and the academics there are great and they have lots of clubs and different activites to choose from.
Port Charlotte High School is a school I attended for my Senior year, I just moved down from Wisconsin so the changes from each school were quite apparent. Port Charlotte High School I believe is a good school, the teachers are nice and understanding, the schoolwork is very easy to manage and once you get used to the school you easily can find your way around. Although there are many things the school can improve on, which includes enforcing the rules for the most part. The school dress code for example is rarely enforced for the students to follow, sure they say not to wear hats or anything but in the end students still end up wearing hats, although in the end there's no repercussions for those who break the rules. The administration needs to try and show the students that the rules must be followed otherwise there will be consequences if they're not. In the end, I did like my stay at Port Charlotte High School but until the rules are enforced this school has much to work on.
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Once a Pirate always a Pirate. Proud to be an alumni class of 1990 and a parent of an alumni Class of 2015. Great high school.
My experience at Port Charlotte High School, was one that i'll cherish forever. The teachers at PCHS are some of the best teachers i've had the pleasure of knowing. They've helped me succeed when I wasn't doing well due to my autendience. The students are friendly and the classes are small, hich is a good thing for people who can't work in large groups like me.
The school does well with organization, just needs better teachers. I've been going here for 3 years and my overall experience is good, but I haven't had a good math teacher since 8th grade. My freshman year was at another school so that does not count but my sophomore year through my senior year I've had trouble learning math. My friends are great and the staff is decent.
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