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Port Byron Senior High School Reviews

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There should be better access to a variety of classes to reach students of all interests, to properly prepare them for their future.
I've gone to port Byron school since kindergarten up until I graduated. I wouldn't have wanted to spend my education journey at any other school.
While this school has a good atmosphere about it, it is more concerned with athletic performance rather than academic achievement. In the year 2018, or 2019 there are plans to update the schools athletic facilities instead of updating the falling academic standards at the school.
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I like attending Port Byron High School because the classes are great and the teachers are great and the kids are ok sometimes.
Port Byron has been a very big part of my life as it is where Ive gotten my education for the past 13 years. The teachers and students are an inspiration to my learning. It has been a pleasure to be apart of this school district throughout my life thus far.
The thing that any aspiring high school students should know about Port Byron Senior High School is that it is small and with this size comes some advantages and disadvantages. For example, with this small size comes a lot of one on one interaction with the teachers. However, this small size also deprives this school of the resources that a larger school would have.
Have good clubs, we need more and more involvement
Sports were good, not enough attention on the arts
Half of them Go way above what is required.
Our school is on the edge of getting taken over
It is safe but the nurse is always chatting with non sick students
They fire good teachers based on regents
Student do all the work, poor advisors
I would not choose this school again. Everyone cheats and good teachers are fired for no reason.
Health and Safety are taken very seriously. If a person gets merely pushed they get sent to the nurse and office to discuss with the other person and set up a punishment. Usually, the punishment is a detention or in school suspension.
It's not my taste in food but it's very edible.
The school administration varies on how serious they feel a situation can be. However, they almost always give a detention.
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Many students are involved in sports and physical fitness at Port Byron. Physical fitness and sport are important to the school. Recently we have purchased a new fitness center, football field and track, sport equipment and uniforms. The school spirit during football season an boys basketball is phenomenal. However, other sports don't receive the appreciation and attention that should be given.
The teachers have very good teaching skills and has the best interest in helping the students learn and succeed in their future.
Drama, Chess, Art, Environmental, Language Clubs
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